King William T

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William T (AKA Rick Wright)
Hqdefault (1).jpg 1st King and founder of the BBK Empire
Assumed office:

November 22, 2011

Preceded by:


Succeeded by: Still current
Personal information
Born: Unknown
Macronationality: American
Micronationality BBKish

William T (AKA Rick Wright) is the King amd founder of the BBK Empire.

Non-micronational life

William T is also a video editer, graphic designer, coder, actor, writer and a YouTuber. Will (short for William) is also partially bilingual as he knows partial Swedish along with English.

Micronational career

King Will founded the micronation called the BBK Empire and still currently leads the empire along with its secondary leader, Mason F. King Will also directs the BBK Armed Forces, the SSA and some other BBK Empire agencies.

Awards & Decorations

Although BBK isn't a young micronation, it wasn't even attempting to be taken seriously until very recently, so its history and awards and its learers awards are almost non-existent, but expect this to change soon.