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King Fondren Bai ll

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King Fondren Bai ll

King Fondren Bai ll
House of lords
Assumed office
June 23 2015
political position Monarch
Personal information
Born July,20 1990
Birth name Wayne Fondren
Citizenship UnitedStates of America
Nationality AfricanAmerican Monarch
Political party Constitutional Monarchy Republican Party of Liberia
Other political
Republican Party
Occupation Politician HipHop artist,activist
Religion Christianity

Corporate Operations Officer

Sets policy's on subjects you may have seen in the Vice Presidents paragraph, this position is similar only this position sets up all our national committee's, conference meetings, and certain appointments. by Phone call with the Executive officer permission.

Vice President of Research & Development

We are looking forward​ to hireing a English America to be the AfricanAmericans Republican Party of Liberia Vice President of Research & Development touring different United States of American Universitys to raise money on building University of Grand Cape Mount and the University of Americo-Liberians in California, to help the republic of Liberia gross domestic product, and much much more!!

The Vice President will talk on subjects given to him by the Corporate operations officer,or the Executive officer who acts as the chairman on subjects such as internal affairs, foreign affairs, defense, health, science, education, farming, commerce, Justice, housing & urban development.

Corporate Financial Officer

We are looking for a English American between ages of 26-56 to hire for this position The purpose of the Republican Party of Liberia Financial Officer is to give scientific advise of products to increase our industry on manufacturering goods in Liberia Founded by AfricanAmericans.

Advise such as mineing by finding which mountain holds minerals such as calcium, salt, and coal or even oil drilling, for the Liberian GDP to grow

Vice President of employees relations

The purpose of this position is to help manage shipments in a office, and make sure the employees are relating to there work okay basically an assistant manager of the executive officer.

Prime Minister

The Prime minister will be the official preacher at our new church we plan on building named the church of Koya which will be Christianity.

Executive Position

Born and raised in the community of Los Angeles, King Fondren Bai ll is a fifth-generation Monarch native and Currently is the reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Koya Micronation Grand Cape Mountains and is turning the Republican Party of Liberia, into a non profit King Fondren Bai ll works on many important issues affecting Liberian residents and is an effective advocate for the Republican Party of Liberia and Congress for Democratic change pary as a bi-partisian. In October 2016, after then his mother retired from work, King Fondren ll was elected Grand Master Prince. A committed conservative and public servant, King Fondren has spent his life advocating for real solutions that will expand opportunity for all AfricanAmericans and there Nation they founded. And to the speakership, he will bring that same passion for getting results. Prior to serving Monarch, King Fondren Bail ll served as the King where he focused on many issues across the federal government, such as fixing our broken roads code, increase farming, and industry in Liberia, strengthening Medicare and Social Security, repairing the safety net, promoting job-creating trade agreements, and developing patient-centered solutions to make health care more affordable. During a brief campaign trail, he served as chairman , where he put forward specific plans to tackle our looming fiscal crisis, driven by the dramatic rise in entitlement spending. These plans, titled “the increase of Liberia gross domestic product,” would help spur job creation, stop spending money the government doesn't have, balance the budget, and lift the crushing burden of debt. King Fondren Bai ll has a G.E.D of Trade tech in LosAngeles, California and currently graduated with a transportation & logistics diploma and is going to continue to earn a associates in science degree in carpentry then will pursue training in Aeronautical Aviation.

King Fondren Bai Transportation & logistics diploma

Corporate Technical Officer

We are looking for an African American female to be our talk show host with a assistant talkshow host, with a live audience in Los Angeles California having different celebrity's come down to the show and express themselves, and hold political cross talks on skype.

Foreign affairs policy

The African Americans Republican Party of Liberia founded by Joseph Jenkins Roberts born March 15, 1809 in Norfolk, Virginia first African American President of the republic of Liberia foreign policy is to talk on plans of action in regards to the republic of Liberia diplomatic dealings with other countries, the dealings are modeled after United States of America and the Common Wealth realm of Great Britain. Foreign policy is established as a systemic way to deal with issues that may arise with other countries.

Israel-Republican Party of Liberia relations

Are a very important factors for our foreign affairs policys and King Fondren Bai ll has placed considerable importance on keeping an alliance with Israel, and a supportive relationship on helping the Republican Party of Liberia  economy

Communist party of China-African American Republicans relations

One of our main goals as AfricanAmerican Republicans is to lift sanctions on North Korea and maintain peaceful diplomatic relations with North Korea, we hope to become close allies with North Korea to get them involed in the fight against terrorism and slavery and put a stop to the country of Taiwan dictatorship regime government and we want North Korea and the peoples republic of China to join our space race so by the year of 2047 we can colonize other planets in the galaxy, We the AfricanAmerican Republican Party of Liberia will like to increase our Transportation and logistics in import and export with the communist party of China, supporting King Fondren Bai ll speeches and press conferences is the most important step to this relationship.

Internal affairs policy's

We the African American Constitutional Monarchy Republican Party of Liberia will hold talks on behalf of governments responsible for policing, emergency management, national security, registration, supervision of local governments, conduct of elections, public administration and Liberia immigration matters. In some countries, matters relating to the maintenance of law and order and the administration of justice are the responsibility of a separate justice ministry.

African American-English American relations

one of our main issues as minorities is to hold 25% of Congress in United States of America as democrats and republicans and major citys police stations like Los Angeles and New york.

We the African American republicans think this is a more conservative trade agreement with our English American allies as there respected minorities. this is the only solution to help reduce police brutality.

We need the establishment of Liberia towns in major citys and towns to fly our traditional African American flag as a trading post to the republic of Liberia economy.


We will hold talks that contribute to growing education in the republic of Liberia showing Conservatism in every county district, building schools & Universitys.

For our first establishment we plan on building a University of Grand Cape Mount, Liberia classes will be in the field of science , construction , health , criminal Justice , Manufacturing with Military academys (Military Academy Commander-in-Chief is the President of the Federal Republic of Liberia George Weah) the Republican Party of Liberia wants chairman of the board of directors of the Republican Party of Liberia King Fondren Bai ll to be Chief-of-Staff of the University of Grand Cape Mount , Liberia Military Academy Air Force teachers, drill sergeant , instructors and the rest of the Academic staff Students will earn the "Military academy Air force associates of science degree" .

We will also build a University of Americo-Liberia in the republic of California, USA training African Americans different elements of Construction, Health Science, Manufacturing, mechanics, Chemistry Aeronautics and Theology on Agriculture with there Associate Degrees in this field, employment will be in the field of Teachers/instructors Scientists Construction workers Mechanics Criminal Justice pilots Security Guards and much much more!!!!

We will have employment for our students who graduate in the Grand Cape Mount, Liberia at University of Grand Cape Mount or in the field of Construction, Manufacturing, and chemistry research labs which will create diffrent elements out of the republic of Liberia resources which will spur job creation.


We will hold talks that contribute to growing the health sector creating a clinic,hospital and pharmacy franchises in the republic of Liberia.

Urban Houseing & Developement

1. We will hold talks that contribute to building the Republican Party of Liberia fifty story world bank, and one Common wealth realms of Great Britain bank two forty story office buildings, five thirty story office buildings, and one forty story bank of Koya, in downtown Monrovia,Liberia.

We need 150 20-50 story skyscraper 10 for each county with a University and Social Security office ( Liberia) offices banks hotels and apartments And manufacturing

2.In every capital city or town in a county in the republic of Liberia we will create a soccer team, with a 35 story office building flying the African American Republican party of Liberia flag and there official county flag next to the flag of the republic of Liberia.

3.We will build education in construction of houses and apartments replaceing the old look with the new look changeing huts to concrete homes

4. Establish a border wall with checkpoints around the republic of Liberia (the county that recieves our Republican Party of Liberia goods will be first.


We will hold talks on the republic of Liberia defence dealing with international security. It comprises the measures and initiatives that governments do or do not take in relation to decision-making and strategic goals, such as when and how to create national Security, helping build a full policed nation fully patrolled steping up the republic of Liberia police force.

Illegal immigration (Liberia)

We the Republican Party of Liberia want to build a border wall with a fence and a minefield around the Federal Republic of Liberia we have no benefits for illegal aliens only Liberian residents who have a home or mailing address in with in our satalites range Schools Universitys, Social Security (Liberia) are for Liberian residents of that specific county only. note a illegal alien is a human being crossing a country border illegally.

Conflict zones

Libya: put a Stop to slavery in Libya

Federal republic of Liberia

increase the armed forces of the federal republic of Liberia by

elite soldiers:140,000

Navy seals (Liberia) 10,000


North American P-51 Mustang: 2,500


personel vehicles:2,000

Anti Air guns:1,200

Battle ships:200



We will hold talks on our Republican Party of Liberia Agriculture policy in Montserrado County,Liberia to spend an estimate of $300,000 of United States merchandise and other nations in the Common wealth of Great Britain, all 4 Countys will split the expense The Greater Monrovia District will recieve 3 Major Markets like Wal-mart,Best buy, or even Food 4 less store's complete with 25 Markets such as Kentucky fried chicken stores and clothing stores and 15 corner stores to sell cleaning supplies, and food," Careysburg District, Todee District, and St. Paul River District will recieve the same shippments also the farming will be split into 30 each district, and 100 Construction workers in Montserrado county and a national soccer team will be called Montserrado Panthers to challenge other countys who recieve the same shippments from the lord emperor Queen Elezebeth || Common Wealtlh Constitutional Monarchy Republican Party of Liberia. Party flag will be flown in Koya Shopping centers and flag will be taxed by the Republic of Liberia Congress, see tariffs on flags in transportation and logistics.

food consumtion per month Food consumed every 2 years cattle farmers will recieve 6 to grow 3 cattle every 2 years, 1 adult cattle weighs 1,200 pounds, at mcdonalds a bigmac cheese burger weighs 66grams, thats 8,400 because 66 goes into 1 pound 7 times, 7 times 1,200 equals 8,400 times 40 cattle farmers times 3 equals 1,008,000 beef patties to create hamburgers. Food consumed per year for chickens are 90,000 ckicken wings,thighs and breast. 5 chickens produce 500 eggs per year half will be used for eatin the egg yoke, Montserrado county will consume 10,000 eggs per year. Food consumed every 2 years for sow pigs 1,288,000 hot dogs. because 1 sow pig has 23 piglets per year 1 sow pig weighs 300 pound 70 hot dogs weigh 15 pounds 15 goes into 300, 20 times, 70 times 20 equals 1,400, 1,400 times 23 adult sow pigs will be 32,200 times 40 equals 1,288,000 hot dogs ​ Food to grow will be 120 farmers plants 100 seeds per selection see list below fruit and vegitables will be consumed per year every farmer will plant 5 trees a piece. Example: 5 cotton, 5 weat until he/she reach's 100 because with 100 seeds in each pot 12,000 plants or more will be grown

1.cotton 2.wheat 3.beans 4.rice 5.orange 6.corn 7.apple 8.grape 9.limon 10.peach 11.tomato 12.potatoes 13.lettus 14.onions 15.coffee 16.olive 17.pineapple 18.soy beans 19.strawberry 20.blueberry

African American Democratic Republic labor union

We will also create jobs for californians useing the African American Republican blue prints for Agriculture and African American internal affairs in california republic.


Republican party of Liberia spending

$12,000 equals 1 major retailer

10 major retailer equals $120,000 Like wal mart and target $1,000 equals 1 market 100 markets equals $100,000 60 food markets equals $60,000 Monrovia gets 120 farmers 100 markets 60 food markets 10 major markets like wal mart and best buy 100 mineing employees 50 factory's with $20,000 in GNP material per month 100 Construction Workers; will be Liberian students ages of 18-40 years of age each district will recieve 25 Construction workers, every 5 workers will have enough Concrete building material to build new square concrete homes connected with solar power,new roads and furnature for Republic of Liberia well fare office basicly new towns, 20 people will be selected to be taught and trained by King Fondren Bai || the executive officer of the Party, will pick a set of the 5 students we teach will serve in a district to teach 25 students each set of 5 will get concrete building materials useing wall tie slabs example 1=Teacher, 5=Sudents in each disrict in Montserrado county founded by AfricanAmericans™

Markets include 1.Starbucks 2.Donut shop 3.Auto Zone 4.Roc-A-Wear 5.Maybach 6.Last Kings 7.Barnes&Noble 8.Burger king 9.Jack n Box 10.Kentucky fried chicken 11.Pizza hut 12.Victoria Secret 13.game stop 14.Carles Jr 15.Bar restaurant 16.Bike shop 17.Movie theater 18.Club/Concert hall 19.Radio shack 20.metro PCs 21.Super cuts 22.Koya carlots 23.furnature

The federal republic of Liberia Social Security Administration

Example: there will be one department of social service per population of 5,000 and 20 social workers who will take care of 250 civilians each in the federal republic of Liberia with one police station with 20 police officers and 100 construction workers to establish 20 homes, factorys, or commercial areas per week out of every population of 5,000 civilians. The federal republic of Liberia department of social service when completed will be a net-worth of 11.2 million United States of American dollars per month.

Terms & conditions

must be between the ages of 18 or older and un-employeed to recieve any treatment listen to our social workers explain the flow of the republic of Liberia economy and growth in farming, get finger printed and get identification cards then you will recieve 500 Liberian dollars to shop at the Republican Party of Liberia social service shopping centers (Markets), employement means you can work for our labor union in farming and manufacureing goods, for more advanced jobs we have college placement.


Too see more about Social Security (Liberia) Visit our website coming soon.

The fifteen counties superintendents appointed by the president. The Constitution calls for the election of various chiefs at the county at a local level.

Clans of Liberia were local political units created as part of an effort to extend influence to the hinterland of the country. The first tier of administrative government, beneath districts of Liberia, the clan structure only loosely corresponded to traditional local political groupings. Clans were legally recognized through legislation in 1905 and 1912.In a number of cases the clans, each under a chief, were combined under larger units called chiefdoms and headed by a paramount chief. Clans and chiefdoms were in some cases parts of a limited number of recognized tribes. Indigenous Africans were regarded as corporate members of their respective groups rather than as individual citizens of Liberia. Clan land was owned communally and could be alienated only with the agreement of the chiefs. The units of clans and chiefdoms gradually merged into the state. The County Council, affirmed in the Budget Act of 2012, replaced informal town hall meetings and includes a broad representation of citizen groups, districts, chiefdoms and clans. Reference clans of Liberia

Manufactureing industry

We will build 50 factory's to process different merchandise in each county in the republic of Liberia every product we grow will be 65,000 products per selection, we will start construction in Grand Cape Mount, Liberia here are a list of items.


We will hold talks on createing librarys, schools, universitys, research facilities, science labs, storing professional recipes in our science labs with teams of man who proffessionaly know how to polish, and name any ore minerial or natural gas of his or her creation, ensureing growth in a united republic of Liberia in all 15 countys.

early life

Fondren was born on July 20, 1990 Los Angeles city in the same neighborhood as Tyga Schoolboy q TF, and Traffic, in California Republic, where he was also was raised, By His parents and as air to the Kingdom of Koya also known as King Fondren Bai forest, Liberia.


King Fondren Bai ll is currently a transportation logistics diploma graduate and is seeking to funding to transform the Kingdom of Koya site-King Fondren Bai forest into a city surrounded by a National Park, he has a hiphop mixtape out now named i am legend and is currently seeking a record deal to distribute his music.

Personel life

King Fondren Bai ll has a high school equivalency diploma, Fondren is currently attending College, training towards a Associates in science degree in Carpentry takeing classes at a college and was awarded a transportation & logisticts dimploma at a vocational college in north Los Angeles city.

King Fondren Bai ll is the co-founder of the republican party of Liberia's republic,

Founded 1848 by Joseph Jenkins roberts

Dissolved 1899

Re-esablished 2015 by King Fondren Bai ll as a conservative constitutional monarchy, under a hereditary rule

Headquarters: California republic

Ideology: Right/Social Security (Liberia)

Political position economy, trade surplus, national committee, export import

International affiliation: member of the GOP National committee and African American activist see African American activists

Members: 25,000,000

African American Republican party members are registered voters in the United States of America

Goal: increase the republic of Liberia economy export transportation & logistics in the United States of America which will grow California's republic economy by becoming the third largest economy in the world spureing job creation in agriculture and manufacturing

List of rulers

Welcome to the Kingdom of Koya list of rulers, Chief Kamakazi reign a crio from the Temne tribe his father is British whiteman,his mother is full Temne people. Chief Kamakazi annointed his son Niger Bai to be king of Temne people

The Kingdom of Koya (1450-1898), was a pre-colonial African state in the north of present-day Sierra Leone. Its capital was at Cape Mount in what is now modern Liberia.

The kingdom was founded by the Temne ethnic group in or around 1505 by migrants from the north, seeking trade with the coastal Portuguese in the south.

The kingdom was ruled by a king called a Bai or Obai. The sub-kingdoms within the state were ruled by nobles titled "Gbana". The Koya Kingdom kept and maintained diplomatic relations with the British and French in the 18th century. Children of Temne nobles were allowed to seek western educations abroad. Koya also traded with Islamic states to its north and had Muslims within its borders.

Under Naimbanna's reign (1775-1793) the Koya kingdom signed a treaty, which made it possible for the establishment of British colony on the peninsula of Sierra Leone in 1788.

Koya participated in the trans-atlantic slave trade, though sources state that such commerce was much more privatized than in other kingdoms. Subjects of Koya traded in slaves on the coast even against the wishes of the state at times.

From 1801 to 1807, Koya fought a war with British colonists and the Susu. Koya lost the northern shoreline of Sierra Leone to the British and Port Loko to the Susu. However, they remained a power in the region. In 1815, the Temne fought another war with the Susu and regained the port. In 1841, the Temne defeated the Loko tribe of Kasona on the Mabaole River dispersing many of the people. in response to a British bombardment, the kingdom expelled the Church Missionary Society missionaries operating at Magbela in 1860.

The kingdom became a British protectorate August 31, 1896 after which the Koya kings lost virtually all power. Revolts of the Temne and Mende in 1898 were fierce but futile. The British would govern the area of the former kingdom until 1961.

Father Chief Kamakazi Bai Chief

Temne Warriors

Mother Koya Bai

1450-1545:King Niger Bai and Queen Anaki Bai from nubia

1545-1585:King Eliab Bai from Temne people and Queen Mahlah,Bai from Kpelle

1585-1635 A.D. King Eliab Bai ll from Kpelle people and Queen Jakani,Bai and Prince Benjamin 1618 first White English Prince of Koya

1635-1680A.D.:King Eliab,Bai ||| from Kpelle people and Queen Jalan,Bai from Temne people

1680 to 1720 King Naimbanna l (in Port Lokko), Bai

1720 to 11 November 1793 King Naimbanna II, Bai

1793 to 1807 Queen Farima IV (Farama), Bai

1807 to 1817 King Foki, Bai from Kru people

1817 to 1825 Moriba Kindo Bangura, Alikali, Bai

1825 to 1826 Kunia Banna, Alikali, Bai

1826 to 1840 Fatima Brima Kama, Alikali, Bai

1840 to 1859 King Moribu Kindo, Bai was the first African American to become King of the kingdom of koya and his daughter Princess Sabrina Bai

1859 to 1872 Prince Kanta (King Alexander, Conteh), Bai

1872 to 1887 VACANT,

1887 to 1898 Burech (Kabalai), Bai , 1st time from Kasseh

1890 to 1898 Kompa Bakari Bombolai (William Rowe), Bai, from Koya

1898 Fula Mansa Gbanka, Bai

Prince Kanta,Bai lived in Chicago in 1859 and his wife Princess Elika,Bai

1897 Sammy moore jimenez son of prince Kanta and Princess Courtney,Bai

1930 Juan Jimenez Spanish from Puerto Rico and Mary Jimenez Bai daughter of Sammy Moore Jimenez Bai

1960juanita morris

1990 Wayne fondren

2015 King Fondren Bai ll Monarch reestablished under African American Nation of Liberia Republican Party

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