King Fondren Bai ll

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King Fondren Bai ll

Crowned Prince of the Kingdom of Koya 500 B.C. to Present
Reign 2016 - present
Coronation 07/20 yearly
Predecessor Moribu Kindo Bai
Successor Alexander the last Voodoo priest Koya Monarchy
Reign late 1800's
Predecessor Kanta Fondraleon Wakanda Bai
electives Monarch by Patriotism loyal to the rule of law
Reign 2016
Spouse princess lords of Kingdom of Koya Colonies of Black English American Wessex Shay,Doris,Solo,Mersadies and Phoenix
House House of Representatives
Father Wayne Fondren
Mother Juanita Jimenez
Born 20 July 1990 (1990-07-20) (age 30)
Lynnwood, California Flag of the United Kingdom.png
Religion Protestant Christian
Monuments Statue of Liberty, Watts towers


Kingdom of Koya Grand Cape Mount (Kingdom of Koya), Federal republic of Liberia Official Website of the Govenment. ​

General Information

Wayne Fondren also named King Fondren Bai ll is the crowned prince of Kingdom of Koya monarchy, the African American Kingdom of America and Gola or Gullah people.

The grandchild of Princess Mary Jimenez first cousins included King Naimabanna | and many princesses who, along with King Fondren Bai ll. For most of his life before becoming Monarch, he was first in line to succeed his great-grandfather Kanta Bai on the Koya Micronation thrones.

The year of the re-established U.S. Republican Party Liberia, making Fondren king.

The Koya word is of English origin, and historically refers to Portuguese kingship, in the pre-Christian period a type of African American tribal kingship with Gola people. To a relatively modest African American family who speak English only nobility.

His net worth is claimed to be around $20,000 USD.

Kingdom of Koya

Kingdom of Koya micronation flag Picture King Eliab Bai ll in 1636 Kingdom of Koya Status State union Capital Robertsport Common languages English Religion Voodoo (Pagan) Budhism Protestant, later also Christianity and islamGovernment Monarchy • 1450-1515 (first king)King Niger(Portaguese translation) King Negro • 1618–1668 (signed King James agreement to the trans-Atlantic slave trade to the American colonies)King Eliab Bai ll (from Kpelle King of Koya) • 1840–1870 King Moribu Kindo Bai (from AfricanAmericans King of Koya) • 1999–present (absolute monarchy within Liberia)King Fondren Bai ll Legislature Federal republic of Liberia and United States of America History • Established 1450 • Sold Western Kingdom of Koya (Sierra leon) 1775 to England • Federal republic of Liberia colony 1868 • ended1898 • Reestablished 1990 • State union Present Area 20195,162 km2 (1,993 sq mi) Population • 2019 200,000 Currency Liberian dollar and United States dollar Cowry Shell (Shell currency)

Preceded by Succeeded by African American Kru people Sierra Leone Colony and Protectorate


Today part of Grand Gola Micronation, and Gullah Culture Heritage Site