King Fondren Bai ll

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The Kingdom of Koya
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The Kingdom of Koya flag (1450-1898)

Praise be to Naimbanna
prayer to the gods of Koya
King Fondren Bai ll King of Koya

Son of King Moribu Kindo Bai
Capital city Grand Cape Mount
Largest city Common Wealth
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) protestant Christianity Buddhist
Demonym Koya
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Nationality AfricanAmerican
- Grand Master King King Fondren Bai ll
- Born Los Angeles
Established 1450
Area claimed 2,000 miles
Population 42,000,000 (as of 1705 census)
Currency US Dollar Liberia Dollar
Time zone full moon
National sport Basketball
National animal Panthers


Wayne Fondren as King Fondren Bai ll is the crowned prince of Kingdom of Koya monarchy he is racing for Congress for Democratic change Governor title of Grand Cape Mount (Kingdom of Koya),Federal republic of Liberia Makeing him Corporate executive officer of the all African American Grand Cape Mount University, with three Military academy's with George Weah as the Commander-in-Chief (President), Wayne Fondren is the owner of Republican Party (Liberia) Labor Union he is a Musician, Politician, actor, abolitionists and author of stop gang violence and human trafficking sex slavery he is also a micro crip related to crip gang,and Hoover crips, King Fondren Bai ll is from the same community as HipHop artist Tyga, School boy Q, TF, Traffic Music.

Republican Party (Liberia)

The first President of Liberia, Joseph Jenkins Roberts, supported the party, which had the first candidates elected to office in the independent nation. The party weakened soon after the death of Roberts. After the end of President James Spriggs-Payne's term in 1878, the election of Anthony W. Gardiner to the presidency marked the beginning of nearly a century of True Whig Party dominance in Liberian politics. In 1899, the Republican Party disappeared.

Re-established as a Non-profit organization labor union in 2019 with King Fondren Bai ll 


Kingdom of Koya Book

King Fondren Bai ll

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