Abdul Rasyid I, Sultan of Al Rasyid Darussalam

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His Majesty
Abdul Rasyid I
Sultan of Al Rasyid Darussalam

King of Al Rasyid Darussalam
Reign 1 November 2008 - present
President of Indokistan
In office 3 October - 18 December 2012
Predecessor Himself as member of Federal Council
Successor Nabil Ihsan
Member of Indokistani Federal Council
Assumed office 16 September - 3 October 2012
Predecessor National Salvation Council
Successor Himself as President
House Rasyidin
Father Sulaiman
Born Ratatotok, Minahassa Flag of Indonesia.png
Religion Shia Islam

His Majesty Abdul Rasyid I (Yang Mulia, Abdul Rasyid I, also known by his "republican" name Jendri Mamahit), is the first and current leader of Sultanate of Al Rasyid Darussalam, ascended his throne on 1 November 2008. He was the founder of the ruling dynasty, the Rasyidin House.

First joining Indonesian micronational community in year 2011, he became very known on his rising influence inside the sector, with himself establishing short-lived "Indonesian Micronational League", a rival of Association of Indonesian Micronations. On September 2012, he led the country to merge with Indokistan and serve as its third president before leaving the country on December 2012, reestablishing Al Rasyid Darussalam as independent country.

On June 2013, he decided to turn his country isolationist as measure to maintain stability inside the country. This causing his image on Indonesian sector decreasing, but he still an important and respected member of the community.

Birth and Early Education

His Majesty Abdul Rasyid I, was born in a village called Ratatotok small in Southeast Minahasa district. His father named Sulaiman, and his grandfather was named Manan - a descendant of King Bolaang Mongondow. Abdul Rasyid I, get instruction directly by his grandfather, about the history and system of government of the Kingdom. Until the death of his grandfather, he then continued his education in the city of Manado until finally graduated in 2007.

Micronational career

Reign as King

Motivated by the last words told by his deceased grandfather to him, telling that he sould keep and maintain the heritage of the Bolaang Mongondow Dynasty, Jendri Mamahit decided to establish Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam with himself as ruler and first generation of Rasyidin Dynasty, which he claimed to be direct descendant from the Bolaang Mongondow Dynasty.


On September 2012, himself sent a letter to Indokistan showing his desire to merge with Indokistan after "removing my ego". On the letter he said that the country was barely active and merging with Indokistan was seen as the best choice for the safety of the ruling dynasty. Responding on this, Indokistani government agreed to accept the Kingdom to the country, and together with Bobodolands Barakstan finally form the Federal Republic of Indokistan on 16 September 2012, with him as the Secretary of State inside the directorial Federal Council.

On 3 October, he declaring the restoration of unitary republic, and as result of consensus inside the former Federal Council, was appointed to become the third president. He was very enthusiast to become the leader of the country, showed by his reform proposal that he submitted to the prime minister Nabil Ihsan at that time.

He was forced to left Indokistan and abandon his position as president on 18 December 2012, after his opponent on union with Indokistan - united under "Supreme Council of Al Rasyid Darussalam" - held an unilateral referendum to separate from Indokistan. Realizing his life in danger if he decided to move against the demand of the Supreme Council, he decided to agree on the secession and sign the secession treaty made by the Council. He again was King of Al Rasyid Darussalam. Despite on the forced-secession, several peoples said that he was holding personal grudge against the country head of parliament, slightly motivating him to agree on the secession.

Reign as Sultan

Led his country and successfully brings stability, Abdul Rasyid I decided to convert his country as a sultanate on 10 July 2013 (1 Ramadan 1434 AH), declaring himself as Sultan for the country. He then began to establish an emergency constitution and establishing an isolationist policy, thus cancelling all foreign policy and breaking all diplomatic relations. His influence as micronationalist inside Indonesian sector spiralling down after the new policy, but he was still a respected figure. As of 2015, he was known as an editor of one local Indonesian city of Manado newspaper.

Abdul Rasyid I, Sultan of Al Rasyid Darussalam
House of Rasyidin
Political offices
Preceded by
Federal Council
President of Indokistan
September - December 2012
Succeeded by
Nabil Ihsan
Regnal Titles
Preceded by
Dynasty established
King of Al Rasyid Darussalam
November 2008 - January 2013
Succeeded by
as Sultan
Preceded by
as King
Sultan of Al Rasyid Darussalam
January 2013 - present
Succeeded by