Kid United Republic Navy

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Kid United Republic Navy
Малыш Объединенная Республика ВМС
Kid United Republic Flag.png
Republic Flag
Active 2012–present
Country Kid United Republic
Role Naval force
Size 10 active personnel
13 reserve personal
Headquarters Sacramento, CA
Motto Protect,Sail,Repeat
Anniversaries January 25, 2012
Engagements None as of March 2015
Admiral Jackson Cole
Dallin Hines

The Kid United Republic Navy (Малыш Объединенная Республика ВМС) is the sea branch of the Armed Forces of the Kid United Republic.

Origins of the Kid United Republic Navy

The Kid United Republic Navy, or (K.U.R.N), was founded initially by Jackson Cole with his two ships. The government then stepped in and added another 2 ships. This brings the total to 5 ships at the disposal of the K.U.R.N for naval operations during a war.

Rank structure

Officers of the Kid United Republic Navy Rank Abbreviation
Admiral AML 0-A9
Commondore CMD 0-A8
Deputy Commondore DCM 0-B8
Captain CAN 0-A7
Sub-Captain SBC 0-B7
Commander CNR 0-A6


The headquarters of the K.U.R.N is located in Sacramento.


Name Headquarters Status
Kid United Republic Flag.png First Attachment Sacramento Active Kid United Republic Flag.png Second Recon Section San-Francisco Inactive
Kid United Republic Flag.png Second Attachment Salt Lake City Active