Kid United Republic Federal Police

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Kid United Republic Federal Police
Founded 17 July 2011
General nature Law enforcement
Local civilian police
Department of Security Steve Strong
Commissioner Steve Strong (Temporally)
General information
Jurisdiction Kid United Republic
Standard weapon Beretta 90 Two (Airsoft Pistol)

The Kid United Republic Federal Police are the national civilian police force of the Kid United Republic, responsible for enforcing the law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order, arresting criminals, and protecting the government. The Kid United Republic is overseen by the Department of Security.

The Kid United Republic Federal Police was founded in July 2011 by the Police Act. The KURFP, was made originally created to act as the military until a new better trained military was formed. Later after the KURA was formed then the "Police Military" turned into a civilian police force. It is required by law that every town has a least one officer.

After 2013, the KURFP had only 6 units. After civil unrest in some territories, a special unit was formed which was dubbed the Riot Control and Civil Unrest Detachment (RCCUD).

In 2015, currently there is now 7 units in the entire Kid United Republic.



Here is the ranks in the Kid United Republic Federal Police in hierarchical order:

Rank Abbreviation
Commissioner COM
Sheriff SEF
Deputy Sheriff DTS
Sergeant SGT
Officer OCR
Tracker TKR