Kid United Republic Blacksmith Canyon Air Force Base

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Kid United Republic Blacksmith Canyon Air Force Base (KUR Flight Code: 7Y0, MIS Code: Charlie7) is the only Intermicronational Airport/Military Base in San-Hyrum. The airport is located in Willow District. As the largest and busiest airport in the Utah Province, BCAFB serves flights to various destinations in Kid United Republic.


Blacksmith Canyon Air Force Base
Kid United Republic Blacksmith Fork Canyon Air Force Base
IMATO: noneMIS Code: Charlie7
Airport type Military/Public
Owner Kid United Republic Air Force Department
Operator KUR Flight Operators Co.
Serves San-Hyrum, San-Logan, Salt Lake
Location San-Hyrum, Salt Lake
Statistics (2015)
Flights 20
Aircraft Movements 30
Passengers 5
Airline Destination 
Air Willow San-Hyrum, San-Logan
Air Ute San-Hyrum, San-Logan, Salt Lake

Future Flights

Airline Destination 
Air Smith San-Hyrum,San-Logan,Salt Lake, St. George
Air America San-Hyrum,Salt Lake, Sacramento, Portland, New York, London