Great Kurultay

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Great Kurultay of Nedland
Coat of arms or logo
Grand Vizier
Kurultay voting system

The Great Kurultay, or Great Iurultae, previously known as the Khural, Great Khural, Kurultay or Qoroltay, is the parliamentary body of Nedland. It serves mainly as an advisory body consisting of appointed noyons (nobles) serving Khagan Ned Gunderson, and can draft and pass motions to present to the Khagan. Kurultay means roughly "conference" in Mongolian. The body currently has seven members. Many of the functions of the Kurultay are largely tongue-in-cheek in nature, and are intentionally childish or silly, such as its political parties and most of the motions that it passes (such as the banning of many items or ideologies). The Kurultay itself has no bearing on, and does not ideologically represent, the state's higher governmental functions.

Political parties

Logo Party Abbreviation Coalition Leader Stance Seats
Ovaltine Party OP n/a Mikael Bokmann Lactism 2
Allah Party™©️ ™©️تاسو n/a Ludvig Svensson Corporate Islamism 2
File:Anime Deregulationist Party logo.png Anime Deregulationist Party ADP n/a Hasan Çakar Eniakism
Anime deregulationism
New Free Liberty Freedom New Democratic Free Republic Free Freedom Party NFLFNDFRFFP n/a Wendell Farmer Liberal free democratic republican freedom 1
Syrup-Made Chocolate Milk Party SMCMP n/a Alexander Von Habsburg Cirupo-Lactism 1