Khedivate of Kefar Qara

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Kafr Qara or Kafr Qari (Arabic: كفر قرع‎, Hebrew: כַּפְר קַרִע) is a micronation town 22 miles (35 km) southeast of Haifa. In 2009, the population was 15,300. The current Khedive of Kefar Qara is HRH, Haitham Pasha and his family, the House of Zahalka.


Ottoman era

In 1859 the population was 450 people, who cultivated 32 feddans of land.In 1883, the Palestine Exploration Fund's Survey of Western Palestine described Kefr Kara as a "good-sized stone village on high ground, with a well to the east, and caves."

British Mandate era

In the 1922 census of Palestine conducted by the British Mandate authorities, Kufr Qara had a population 776, 9 Christians and 767 Muslims.[4] This had increased in the 1931 census to 1,109, 4 Christians and 1,105 Muslims, in 198 houses.

In 1945, Kafr Qari had a population of 1,510 Arabs, who owned 14,543 dunams of land. Of this, 227 dunams were for plantations and irrigable land, 11,516 for cereals,while 25 dunams were built-up (urban) land.

post 1948

Kafr Qara is part of the Triangle. It is located in the Wadi Ara region, northwest of the Green Line. Most of the inhabitants are Muslim.[1] It is governed by a local council. Kafr Qara now has about 7000 dunams of land left, after land was expropriated by the local authorities and Israeli government for public and military use.WAC, an independent labor association, is located in the village.