Khazar Knesset

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Khazar Parliament
Khazar Knesset
TypeUnicameral legislature
Speaker of the KnessetSusan Lipscomb
since November 2010
Prime MinisterSeth Nemerovski
since November 2010
Members10 MKs (Member of Knesset')
Parliament/Knesset political groupsOfficially Nonpartisan
Parliament/Knesset last electionNovember 2010
Meeting place
Knesset Chamber, Royal Palace (primary) and Levine Hall, Royal Palace (formal occasions only)

The Khazar Knesset or Khazar Parliament is the official legislative body of Khazar. The Legislative Branch consists of the or Knesset, and the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is a member of the Knesset. It is a unicameral body with ten now nonpartisan seats. Political parties were abolished just before the November 2010 elections.

The Knesset Chamber, the seat of Khazar's Parliament.


To be a Member of the Knesset, you must be a Khazari citizen in good standing. You must be at least 17 years of age, not have a criminal record, and be loyal and faithful to the nation.

Knesset Leadership

The Prime Minister and Speaker are Members of the Knesset. Fellow MKs nominate them to be Prime Minister or Speaker. If they accept, they are officially a candidate. The Knesset then votes for each position. If there is only one candidate, there still is an election to allow for last minute nominations. You are able to nominate yourself, but it is considered disrespectful.

Law of Return

The Khazari Knesset passed a law similar to that of the State of Israel allowing all people of Jewish origin or faith an expedited legal status and expedited citizenship. Amendments have given non-Jewish spouses or life partners the same right.