Ziberlandic Empire

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Ziberlandic Empire
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Motto: Life, Liberty, Public Unity!
Anthem: National Anthem of Ziberland
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal One-Party Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
Benson I
• Chancellor
Gat Magdato
• Declared independence
11 August 2019
• Water (%)
CurrencyZiberlandic Mark
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Drives on theright

Ziberland, officially the Ziberlandic Empire (Filipino: Ang Imperyo ng Ziberland), (German: Ziberlandisches Reich), as of 20 April 2021, is an entity known as micronation that is located in mainly located in the Philippines. It uses an Absolute Monarchy as its type of government located and the central government operates in the Ziberlandic Capital Region. The micronation was founded by on 11 August 2019 in an attempt to imititate the government of the Philippines.

Politically, Ziberland was a Absolute Monarchy. King Gat (Arthur) Magdato is the current monarch and serving in the the government is Gat (Arthur) Magdato as Chancellor and Dayang Venice as Deputy Chancellor.


Since its establishment as Dictarorial Monarchy in 2019, Ziberland had experienced events that formed the nation to its current form. The Kingdom and Republic of Ziberland was established when King Daniel and President Magdato issued the declaration of independence that made way for the creation of the First Constitution of Ziberland.

President Magdato introduced social media in Ziberland to further spread its influence in the microspehere. Social media portal was also introduced in facebook initially named as Key West-Ziberland but later changed to the Ziberlandic Empire due to change of government system.

In 1 September 2020, Emperor Daniel abdicated in favor of his son President now Emperor Magdato who continued to spread the Micronation's influence via social media.

In 26 November 2020, due to a widespread rebellion, Emperor Magdato abdicated and the Ziberlandic Empire went into an interregnum/inactivity period.

In 22 April 2021, Gat Magdato re-established the Ziberlandic Empire and appointed Benson vun Griemann as the new Emperor.

In 13 May, Benson vun Griemann abdicated as Emperor leaving the King as the Head of State.

Politics and Government

Ziberland id a absolute monarchy and a unitary government. The Ziberlandic Constitution was ratified in May 2020 and includes an Authoritarian and loose provisions on political system and economy. The King is the head of state and the head of government. The King is also the commander-in-chief of the Royal Military of Ziberland.

The legislative powers are vested in the Monarch through Royal Decrees. The King also has a special power where in he can absorb all the powers in the government including the dissolution or amendment of the Constitution. In the Chancellor is the moderator of the Grand Council.

The executive powers are vested in the Chancellor and his cabinet. They are accountable to the Grand Council. The Chancellor executes the law and implement it for the stability of the government. His office and cabinet hatches plans and if approved, materializes it as part or as a whole.