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Key West-Ziberlandic Empire (English)
Imperyo ng Key West-Ziberland (Filipino)
Käb Wab-Zedatüg Reich (Ziberlandic)
Key-West Ziberländisches Reich (German)

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With God, Freedom
"The Battalion's March."
Capital citySaint Thomas
Largest citySaint Thomas
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
DemonymKey Westernian, Ziberlandic
GovernmentNationalist-Federalist One Party State under an Absolute Dual Monarchy
- EmperorMaverick I
- ChancellorCarl
- Vice ChancellorRüdolf
LegislatureGrand Council of the Dual Monarchy
Established11 August 2007 (as a Republic)
11 August 2019 (proclamation of the 3rd Empire)
Area claimed472.68
CurrencyPhilippine Peso, Builgers

Key West-Ziberland officially known as the Key West-Ziberlandic Empire or the Dual Monarchy is a micronation, it was formed as a republic and became an Empire today [citation needed], it is based on the Austria-Hungarian Empire which is a Federation of States under one Empire.


Key West-Ziberland has a rich ancestral Micronational history.

On August 11, 2007, Mr Candido declared his house and backyard an independent multi-party republic with him as the President although it increased the number of its citizens it also experienced war with the San Mateo Rebellion but in 3 days the Rebellion was defeated and evolved into A Grand Viscouncy with Grand Viscount Candido as its leader but Ziberlandic Citizens classify that black men (Mostly natives) should not be citizens but the government refused and as a result, 3 States seceded and formed the Confederate Empire of Ziberland.

In January 2009 the Confederate Empire of Ziberland officially declared war on the United Empire of Key West and the Civil War began but would remain much of a stalemate until in 2010 when the Confederate Empire of Ziberland began to realize that they were beginning to lose and in 2011 the Confederate Empire of Ziberland finally surrenders.

After the Civil War Key West and Ziberland was reunified as the Key West-Ziberlandic Empire which sees great improvement on its economy and military it also banned political parties with racial beliefs, it's Emperor was Candido I, in 2014 Emperor Candido I abdicated due to illness and later died in the same year, his successor was Emperor Danny I which continues the rules of his Father. In 2015 the Rocun Empire (a micronation close to Key West-Ziberland) suddenly declared war on Key West-Ziberland which has great progress as Key West-Ziberland is not ready for war and the Rocun government decided to make Key West-Ziberland a puppet state under their control so they made the Dictatorship of Puritania a Puppet state of the Rocun Empire however in 2016 the Rocun Empire's economy is crumbling and as a result, it surrendered and gave up its independence.

After the defeat of the Rocun Empire, it's puppet state (the Dictatorship of Puritania) became the Autonomous Region in Christian Mindanao which is an autonomous region in the Philippines inspired by the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Mr Danny became it's Governor, although the Nation is not an official Region of the Philippines it still became autonomous until in 2018.

In 2018 the Autonomous Region in Christian Mindanao Declares itself the 2nd Key West-Ziberlandic Empire with Danny I still it's Emperor, but 4 months after the 2nd Empire's formation Mr Paraine B.'s NAZI party of Ziberland successfully overthrew the Imperial-Federal Government and transformed the nation into a NAZI Dictatorship with Paraine B. as it's leader, the NAZI party claims that the Key Westernians should not be allowed in the NAZI Ziberland regime due to their race, the NAZI party held power for almost a year until the ARMY AGAINST THE NAZIS which is composed of the Key Westernians and Royalist groups successfully overthrew the Nazi regime and Dictator Paraine B. flee.

On August 11, 2019, the 3rd Empire was proclaimed with Danny I still it's Emperor and orders the NAZI party of Ziberland to be dissolved, the 3rd Key West-Ziberlandic Empire officially claims that Key West-Ziberland shall be free from war and open to diplomatic relationships with other Micronations, In August Emperor Danny I abdicated in favor of his eldest son Maverick.

Emperor Danny I
Emperor Danny I

Government and Politics

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Key West-Ziberland is an Absolute Dual Monarchy which means all power is vested in the Emperor, Key West-Ziberland is operated by the ruling party, the Nationalist-Federalist Worker's Party.


The Emperor-King of Key West-Ziberland is the Head of State of Key West-Ziberland where all power is vested on him/her, the Emperor is an Autocrat which means he/she is the most powerful person across the Empire, he/she may veto any laws, can also make new laws and more, Emperor is the Leader for Life.

The Chancellor is the Head of the Government and the Emperor's Adviser, he is the leader of the Grand Council which is the legislature of Key West-Ziberland, Chancellor is elected in a 5 years term with unlimited terms of re-election

The Vice-Chancellor serves as the Chancellor's adviser, he may replace the Chancellor if the Chancellor dies or resigns, Vice-Chancellor is elected for a 5-year term with unlimited terms of re-election.

The Imperial Cabinet is composed of Ministers that are appointed by the Emperor.


The Grand Council of the Dual Monarchy is the is the official legislature of Key West-Ziberland, it approves laws made by the Emperor or the Grand Council can make laws that can be approved by the Emperor, the Grand Council is runned by the Nationalist-Federalist Worker's Party since 2011 which always gets majority of seats in the Grand Council but still allows other Political parties to run for positions, each member has a 3 year term.


The Supreme Court is led by the Grand Jury which is assisted by 2 Jurial Advicers, the Supreme Court has currently 10 members.

Foreign Affairs

Key West-Ziberland recognizes all these nations:

  • All UN Member States (except Communist ones)
  • Republic of Kosovo
  • Vatican City
  • State of Palestine

Law and Military

Key West-Ziberland is referred to as a Military Power because of it's huge military capability.

Military Branches

  • Key West-Ziberlandic Army
  • Key West-Ziberlandic Navy
  • Key West-Ziberlandic Air Force
  • Special Forces of the Empire

Branches controlled by the Military

  • Key West-Ziberlandic Space Agency
  • Key West-Ziberlandic Missile Agency
  • Key West-Ziberlandic Peacekeeping Force

Paramilitary Wings

  • Blue Scouts (10-17 years old)
  • Imperial Guard (18-45 years old)
  • Cyber Police (Any Age)


Key West-Ziberland has a strong economy since 2011, it's official Currency is Builgers however we still use Philippine Pesos and US dollars for the currency. It mainly focused on Agriculture and Industry for it's economy and it also makes trading routes to supply it's Colonies and Dominions by the Pacific Ocean Trading Company of (POTC).

Official Banknote of Key West-Ziberland
Coat of Arms of Key West-Ziberland

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