Key Alliance

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Key Alliance is political alliance in Misberia created to outnumber other parties and later to outnumber Glory to Misberia Collective. Alliance got it's name from it's motto "Key opens doors of progress".

Key Alliance
Chair of Catholic Conservative Party of MisberiaIvan Brienovich
Chair of Independent Party of MisberiaLennon Smith
Chair of Conservative-Birchist Party of MisberiaSullivan Matthews
Slogan"Key opens doors of progress"
Founded25th May 2020
Membership  (2020)3(CCPM), 4(IPM), 5(CBPM) = 12
Political positionAny party that is: Right wing
National affiliationDirective of Misberia
Official colors     Blue
National Directive Council
0 / 10
Misberian Workers Council
0 / 5

Legislature of Misberia

To be writen after elections.