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Kevin I
His Majesty King Kevin I
King Kevin I in Möllenburg Palace
King of Slovania
Reign 1 June 2018 - present
Predecessor Monarchy established
Heir Presumtive Hereditary Prince Allan, Duke of Bädächuu
Prime Minister(s) Yuhan Guo
Full name
Kevin Yunchen Alexander Peter Joseph Marie
Father Prince David, Duke of Wofo
Mother Princess Rebecca, Duchess of Wofo
Born August 1, 1997 (1997-08-01) (age 23)
Beijing, China (Now Wofo, Slovania)
Signature Kevin I of Slovania's signature
Religion Evangelical Christianity
Monarchical styles of
King Kevin I of Slovania
Reference style His Royal Majesty
Spoken style Your Royal Majesty
Alternative style Sire

His Majesty Kevin I of Slovania (Chinese:祝博瀚, born 1 August 1997), is a Chinese British Slovanian micronationalist politician, mathematician, professional musician, pianist, orchestral conductor. Prior to becoming the Slovane King, he was the Leader of the Republic of Taurimania from May 2016 to October 2016, until his new partnership with his close friend Yuhan Guo, who is now the Prime Minister of the Democratic Slovania. He earned a living as a chemist whilst working on music and often refers to himself being similar to Alexander Borodin and Carlos Kleiber.

He is known to support all minority ethnic groups in Slovania, and stated in his most recent speech that he encourages his people to learn more languages. He stated clearly also that the Slovanian poeple will be educated in either German, Slovanian or Mandarin Chinese in ethnic minority school, with new languages taught on top of that beginning from First Grade- English is to be declared as the first foreign language to be taught after Slovane and German.

King Kevin I announced that his official coronation will not take place until after his wedding. Many Slovanes speculate that this day will come within three years.

Early life

King Kevin I was born Kevin Yunchen Alexander Peter Joseph Marie, on the 1 August 1997, in Beijing, People's Republic of China to strict middle class working parents. His paternal grandfather came from a poor, low class, agricultural family which consisted of him and six siblings. He went to military school as a teenager and later joined the People's Liberation Army of China and was stationed all across China. He later rose to the rank of army general in the 1970s and represented the country on several occasions for bilateral meeting in East Asia, most noticeably with the Pakistani Government back in the mid-1970s. King Kevin, valued his paternal grandfather's willingness to work and pull up his family from a low class to upper-middle class waged working family.

Zhu immigrated to the UK on mid April 2000, and later Slovania in 2018. He successfully completed his primary and secondary education in Birmingham, UK, and is currently a student at the University of Manchester.

President Zhu's paternal grandmother was a former university lecturer in political sciences and also worked as a language teacher in China. His maternal grandparents were both middle school and high school mathematics teachers in China. President Zhu, his parents, his uncles and aunts, and cousins are the only Taurimanian citizens of his family that are fluent in English.

Apart from his mother tongue Chinese, King Kevin is multilingual and is also fluent in English, Russian, Slovane, German. He is the only Taurimanian citizen fluent in the Welsh language. He is fluent in both dialects (Khaan and Vorkhio) of Taurimanian.

Zhu is a convinced ecologist and environmentally green person, wherever he goes, he refuses to drive in his own car and only either walks, cycles or uses the public transport.

His pastimes include badminton (national sports of Taurimania), table tennis (second national sports of Taurimania), fishing, cycling, aviation, music, football and gardening.

Line of Succession

Since King Kevin I does not officially have any children, the eldest member of the Royal Family of Slovania remains to be the King's cousin Prince Allan I, Duke of Bädächuu. King Kevin I did state in an interview that he will definitely be marrying and having children within ten years for the year 2018. The 2018 act of succession of the Slovanian Throne states that a male- preference primogeniture is preferred. This means that the line of succession to the Slovanian Throne is affected by the gender of the heir or issue to the monarch, and the monarch's eldest son will be made heir apparent to the Slovanian Throne and Crown Prince of Slovania. Only if the monarch is single, yet to be married or has no children shall the closest family member be given the title of heir presumptive. The Slovania line of successions puts male issues in front of female issues. Should the King produce no sons, his daughters are allowed to become the next monarch and carry the title Crown Princess of Slovania and heir presumptive. The title Crown Princess of Slovania is also given to the spouse of the Crown Prince of Slovania. The monarch can choose to abdicate from the Slovanian Throne upon his wishes whenever he likes.

If a male heir succeeds the previous monarch, he shall be crowned King and his spouse crowned Queen consort. The new King will have the rights to use the title Princess Consort on his spouse to his will.

If a female heir succeeds the previous monarch, she shall be crowned Queen and her spouse crowned Prince Consort. The new Queen will have the rights to use the title King Consort on her spouse to her will.

Early career

Before standing up for presidency as the President of Taurimania and the founder of Taurimania, Zhu undertook music education and received his DipABRSM qualification for music performance in the spring of 2016. Subsequently, he decided to make a living and study chemistry, and specialises in the field of biomedical chemistry, an interlocking branch of chemistry that heavily relies on organic chemistry, at the same time adopts medicine and pharmacological knowledge.

On 1 May 2016, he founded the Republic of Tauritania and assumed role as the micronation's leader in the Democratic Part of Tauritania. After negotiations and partership on 1 October 2016 with his close friend Prime Minister Guo, they formed the Democratic Republic of Taurimania, officially overthrowing the Government of Tauritania. At the same time the Democratic Republican Party of Taurimania was formed as a result of coalition of the Democratic Party Leader President Zhu and the Republican Party Leader Prime Minister Guo. President Zhu himself is still the incumbent leader of the Democratic Republic Party with Prime Minister Guo as the Head of the State Great Ural. Both the President and Prime Minister of Taurimania are part of the Democratic Republican Party of Taurimania.

King Kevin I's Political Chart as of April 2020.

He is currently the founder, chief conductor and artistic director of the Taurimanian State Orchestra, the Taurimanian Army's orchestra band.

Laws and Taurimanian Jursidiction

King Kevin I is frugal and strict with Slovania and international laws. He is known to be a very authoritative figure in life. After the Florida School shootings, he announced in his speech to the Taurimanian people that:

"Regardless whether guns or any assault weapons are used in or outside of the Democratic Republic of Taurimania, I will always protect the safety of my people, my citizens and my allies, and those whom I am President to. Therefore, as the world can see, gun control has to be taken to a new level. Guns are not an individual freedom- they are weapons of destruction. It is with my governments honour that our current Gun act 2017, which states for a total ban of automatic and assault weapons/guns (except bb or nerf or pellet/air guns for pest control purposes), has now been changed from unconstitutional to constitutional after passing through successfully in the State Great Ural. I do want to express my condolences to those involved in the Florida, Shootings."

Personal life

President Zhu is currently single, with no children. He is the second eldest member of his family of his generation, taking into account both sides of the family. He is a practicing Evangelical Chrisitian and truly believes that a great education will bring success and pride to humans on the planet, and he values education deeply. He is also the number 1 disciplinarian of Taurimania and is known as the Supermanny of Taurimania outside his office and job. He has an average (high) IQ of 165, equivalent to that of a genius. The genius aspect of President Zhu was evident at an early age where he new all medical knowledge before entering secondary school, and that he could conduct an orchestra perfectly at age 10 like Carlos Kleiber before even being taught orchestral conducting- he is also known to have perfect pitch since the age of 12. He is regarded as the most powerful (political) figure in Taurimania.

Secretary of State Allan Zhu is the eldest of and paternal cousin of President Kevin Zhu. He currently resides in San Francisco, CA, USA, outside of the Democratic Republic of Taurimania. Most negotiations are done over webcam, or Skype or Wechat or at Peytkyn (during summer time).

Foreign position

During the US Elections Campaign in 2016, he supports Trump.

Titles, offices and honours

Main article: List of titles, offices and honours of Kevin Zhu

Actual offices

Former offices

  • Leader of Tauritania (1 May 2016 - 1 October 2016)
  • Tauriemese flag finale.jpg Governor of Vorkhatsia and Khatszin Oblast (23 December - 23 November 2017)

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