Kerry Stapleton

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Kerry Stapleton
The coat of arms of Glastieve.
Minister for Statecraft and Diplomacy
Assumed office:
11 October 2019
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Partner Charlotte Stapleton
Born Exeter, United Kingdom
Religion Christian (Church of England)

Kerry Stapleton is a Glastieven statesman serving as Minister for Statecraft and Diplomacy since the Holy Commonwealth's foundation on 11 October 2019, and one of five members of Tsenvinke Énvánia nús Komréna as it created the Holy Commonwealth. Previously, Kerry had been founding a member of T.É. nús K., which attempted from January to September 2019 to establish an Envardian Republic. He was a member of the Glastieve Planning Board and thus a founder of the Second Republic of Glastieve, within which he served as an Executive Councillor and Commissioner of Communications and Logistics for most of the state's history. Stapleton, Catcheside had been a founding member and influential statesman of the First Republic of Glastieve, serving as Minister for Media and Economics from February to May, Minister for Economics, Finance and Governmental Communications from May to July, Minister for Communications and Press Strategy from July to November, and Minister for Communications, Press Strategy and Digital Infrastructure after Project Zeta.