Kenivan Confederation

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Kenivan Confederation
Kenivan flag.jpg
Flag of the Kenivan Confederation

"Si Fractus Fortis"
If These Trees could Talk: From Roots to Needles.
Capital cityBenton.
Largest cityBenton.
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)No state religion.
GovernmentConfederarcy, Night Watchman state.
- President of KenivanPresident Weston Foster.
EstablishedMay 02, 2010.
Area claimed2 Acres

The Kenivan Confederation is a small micronation surounded by the United States. Formed on May 2, 2010 by President Weston Foster when he found out that his former nation of “Westonina” was largely just an inside joke between him and several friends. Wishing to be a bit more serious but still with a flair of humor, King Weston I disbanded the nation of Westonina soon after, President Weston took the lands of Westonina and the populace and formed the Kenivan Confederation.

History of Kenivan

Early History

Formed May 2, 2010, the Kenivan Confederation overtook the Westonian Government from King Weston I and handed to over to President Weston. In short, the simply changed government and names. Taking the former “Castle Foster” and turning into the new capital city of “Benton”; President Weston then began to ponder about his new nation.

Taking his real-life political beliefs and fusing them with his micronation, the Kenivan Confederation became what President Weston thought the ideal government should be. Most of the power would go to the states, and what power President Weston does have shall be limited to foreign diplomacy, trade, and settling whatever dispute that arisings during meetings.

Taking a page out of the Iroquois League, each state under Kenivan leadership will have a governor, who in turn will attend Kenivan Confederation meetings and discuss what he/she thinks on what the Confederation shall do next. Each state has one, and President Weston’s job is mainly to set an over-arching goal that pleases everybody.

President Weston also enacted large amounts of personal freedoms for each citizen, such as free-speech, freedom of religion, laissez-faire polices on regards to business in Kenivan, abolishment of conscription, and the legalization of medical marijuana. These laws, along with others voted on by the members of the Confederation, were put in place throughout the Confederacy. Each state can also make laws unique to that state, but, each state cannot override a law that is national in Kenivan.

With this actions put in place, President Weston sat back down in his presidential office chair and proceed to plan his next move.


Holidays Unique to Kenivan

  • May 02, Founders Day: Celebrated for the Day the Kenivan Confderation came into existence on the Micronation secne.