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God, Fatherland, Virtue
God Save The Tsar
Official language(s) English
Capital Brisbane
Date founded October 2009

12 April 2010

Number of citizens To be updated
Number of active citizens To be updated
Government Semi-constitutional monarchy Kaveskidding Government Website
Current leader Tsar Frederic IV
National animal None

Kaveskidding (formerly the Principality of Kaveskidding) is an semi-constitutional monarchy. It is located in Brisbane, Australia.

Kaveskidding began its history in October 2009 as a constitutional monarchy, headed by Crown Prince Frederic III.

Not long after its founding, Kaveskidding fell into anarchy as interest was lost in the welfare of the nation. Frederic III abdicated his throne, essentially ending all governmental processes.

On April 12, 2010 Kaveskidding became a republic under the Presidency of Frederic IV.

Kaveskidding became an absolute monarchy on June 3, 2010. President Frederic IV took the crown as Tsar. The new Tsar's sister Grace gained the title of HIH Grand Duchess.

On June 14, 2010, the Tsar wrote and co-signed the first official constitution with the Prime Minister, Grace, becoming again a constitutional monarchy.

Cultural history and influences

The history of Kaveskidding was greatly influenced by the legacy of the Imperial Romanov Dynasty of Russia. Orthodox Christianity was upheld in high regard though was not an official religion. Imperial Russian and Christian influences remain to this day, take note of the Russian styled eagle on the flag and seal and the Cross in the canton of the flag.


Kaveskidding is a semi-constitutional monarchy, meaning that the supreme law of the land is the constitution and that all offices of state are bound by it, including the Tsar. The Tsar holds the sole authority to elect and dismiss ministers.

The current Tsar is Frederic IV, who took the crown on June 3, 2010.

Unlike modern democracies, the legal system in Kaveskidding is not separate to the government. The Tsar stands as judge at all times.

Political parties

There is currently one active political party in Kaveskidding:

The Tsarist Party.


The most notable characteristic of religion in Kaveskidding is the predominant Baptist presence, despite the Russian Orthodox influence. Current President Frederic IV was baptised a Roman Catholic, however turned away from Catholicism in favor of Baptist Protestantism.


The citizens of Kaveskidding are of mixed demographics, however there is an Anglo-Celtic majority.

The official language of Kaveskidding is English.


The cuisine of Kaveskidding is a blend of Australian and European tastes.