Katibat Ansar al-Mu'minin

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Katibat Ansar al-Mu'minin
كتيبة أنصار المؤمنين
Founder• Abu Muhammad al-Malayuni al-Malizi al-Ricanizi
• Ibn Abdul Rahman †
Leader• Abu Muhammad al-Malayuni al-Malizi al-Ricanizi
Chief• Abu Muhammad al-Malayuni al-Malizi al-Ricanizi
FoundationJune 9, 2021 Autonomous Republic of Recanesia, Almendria
Dates of operation(June 9, 2021 - July 1, 2023)
DissolvedJuly 1, 2023 Islambol,Islamic Sultanate of Qardasha
Allegiance Mujahideen Coalition in Qardasha
MotivesRevolt against the Qardashan government to establish a sunni-based micronation.
HeadquartersAntrisia,Islamic Emirate of Recanesia
Ideology• Islamism
• Pan-Islamism
• Qutbism
• Sunni Islamism
• Anti-Cycoldian sentiment
• Anti-Qardasha sentiment
• Islamic Fundamentalism
Political positionFar-right
Part ofKatibat Ansar al-Mu'minin; Mujahideen Coalition in Qardasha
Allies Mujahideen Coalition in Qardasha
Liwa' Jaysh al-Ansar
Mujahideen Armed Forces
Emirate of Islam Creekian Crusader Clan
Junud al-Nur Iraqi Wilayat
Opponents Islamic Sultanate of Qardasha
Qardaishan Armed Forces
Creek Conservative Republic • Nantucket Republic
Designated as a terrorist group by Creek Conservative Republic
Nantucket Republic
Islamic Sultanate of Qardasha

(Arabic: كتيبة أنصار المؤمنين - Katibat Ansar al-Mu'minin /English: Supporters of the Faithful Battalion/Short name: Ansar al-Mu'min) was an underground Sunni Islamist militant organization originally founded in Almendrian Recanesia in 9 June 2021. It was originally part of efforts to fight against Almendrian rule in Recanesia. Later on the organisation took part in Pan-Islamist diplomatic unification projects as well. The highlight of their history was their involvement as part of the Mujahideen Coalition in Qardasha. They fought against Qardasha (primarily through digital means by attempting to disrupt activity and cause damage to the 'discord server' of Qardasha and similar actions.

On 1 July, 2023, the Ansar al-Mu'min group was dissolved.

Historical Background

In the 9th of June 2021, Abu Muhammad al-Malayuni al-Malizi al-Ricanizi recruited several people and high ranking officials in Almendria, Abu Muhammad during that time who's a high ranking official of Almendria, the leader of Autonomous Republic of Recanesia, which during that time is under the Almendrian rule as an autonomous region, decided to call for the Almendrian citizens to rise against Tizian, the supreme leader of Almendria who's during that time is viewed as a tyrant. Abu Muhammad then established a militant group called Recanesian Freedom Fighters Front Brigade (RFFFB), a separatist group calling out for the independence of Recanesia. The uprising has caused more militias to be formed. But in the end, the RFFFB won the war in Recanesia during an in-real life military operation, making it an independent country yet lost in overthrowing Tizian and failed in establishing a new Almendrian government. The war ended in July 17th 2021. Marking the end of the revolution.

Activities and Pan-Islamist efforts

In the month of September 2021, the idea of creating Pan-Islamist group in the Micronational world has inspired him to form Global Islamic Union (GIU), a Pan-Islamist political party established to unified Micronational islamic countries. After the GIU dies within two months, Abu Muhammad then create an Islamic militant group called Jabhat al-Jihad al-Islamiyyah (JJI), a group operating as a political party in the Sultanate of Unova and Republic of Olov. The JJI also expand it's influence towards the Muslim community (mostly directed towards the Sunnis due to the denominational association of the organisation) in the Micronational world. Despite the influence didn't reached many people, Abu Muhammad continued to expand it's influence more and more. The JJI then has been reformed under a new name called Micronations Islamic Movement (MIM), the Micronational Islamic Party in Olov/Micronations Islamic Movement in Olov then was banned due to a rising conflict between Saleh A.H, the leader of Olov and Abu Muhammad, the leader of the MIM. After some months, in 26th of February 2023, Abu Muhammad once again reform the militant group under a new name which is Jabhat al-Tawheed wal Muwahideen (JTM), the reformation was made because the high ranking member of the JTM, Sultan Orzan, has been banned from the organization due to him converting from Sunni to Shi'ism. Abu Muhammad hasn't figured it out yet about the Sultan converting to Shi'ism until the Insurgency in Ondernaming occured. Abu Muhammad then calling out Sunni Muslims in Qardasha to declare holy war and sparking a revolution against the Islamic Sultanate of Qardasha. With the help of Ibn Abdul Rahman, a Sunni citizen of Qardasha, he helped recruiting several insurgents to fight the government. Abu Muhammad then send the most wanted and the most important high ranking member of JTM, Abu Umar al-Mujahid to the Qardashan server to raid and possibly nuke the Qardashan server which has over 200 members, but the attempt was failed. During this time, Sultan Orzan didn't knew that Abu Muhammad is the main key for the Revolutionary insurgency.

In 17th of April 2023, Khilafatul Islam Wal Tawheed which had just split from Jabhat Al-Tawheed Wal Muwahideen accidentally raided the Greater Russian Discord server. Leading to the Conservative Creek Republic (CCR) declaring war on the rebel forces of Qardasha, which later on the CCR joined the Third Qardaishan Fitnah siding with the Sultanate of Qardasha.


The militant group officially dissolved on 1 July 2023.


It is worthy to point out that the defunct 'militant organisation' in question did in fact operate mostly in the digital world, conducting only small amount of real world operations. The actual levels of dedication and/or scale of the Katibat Ansar al-Mu'minin and other organisations as part of the Mujahideen Coalition in Qardasha is dubious.