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The official president of the Republic of Hand Turkey. Was elected not from a majority vote, but rather from taking control in times of need. Will be addressed in a non-formal way as President and Your Honorable President Karr in a formal way. The President led the Republic through its new expansion of becoming a micronation. President Karr is a Second Generation Hand Turkey. The only one in the class. President Karr's uniform consists of a paper hat, signifying the importance of the role. Most of the time, President Karr remains much like the others, showing a sense of humility. Throughout the development of the nation, Karr has remained loyal and decided to be the historian. Something was stirring in Karr's head, if she did it, it would mean unspeakable things in store.

The Clarification Law

The Republic will remain a non-swearing nation, no matter how minor the word is. Anybody who ignores the law will be punished accordingly. The Republic of Hand Turkey will still remain a republic, but in times of need, President Karr will step in. Each member has the right to vote and to speak their opinions, not with anger, but with respect towards the one in disagreement. The removing of any member without their permission and/or a reason will be seen as an offense towards the individual affected. Spamming will be seen as a first-class offense and will be seen to President Karr. Spamming doesn't include missing a conversation between people but as a repeat of nonsense and meaningless chatter. Spamming is counted as 7+ messages without a reply. Everyone apart of the Republic, even the Government Officials. Media will be the punishment giver for President Karr, while Karr will punish the others for any wrongdoings.

                                       President Karr,                                                                                                  
                                        July 8, 2018