Kara, Duchess of Bellevue

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Minister for Culture
Assumed office
19 December 2015
Monarch King Adam
Predecessor Prince Aaron of Überstadt
Successor Incumbent
Crown Court Judge
for the Duchy of Edmount
Assumed office
Early 2013
Monarch King Adam
High Chancellor Michael von Friedeck
Predecessor A. Collins
Successor Incumbent
Baroness of Rosewood
Assumed office
20 March 2013
King Adam I
Predecessor Created
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born Blackfoot, Idaho, United States w:United States
Citizenship Überstadt, United States
Spouse(s) Michael von Friedeck
Children Adam I of Überstadt
Prince Aaron of Überstadt
Alma mater Utah State University
Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Lady Kara, the Baroness Rosewood is an Überstadti jurist and the mother of King Adam I of Überstadt.

Early life and education

Lady Kara was born in the city of Blackfoot in the US state of Idaho as the sixth and youngest child of farmers David and Bonnie George. Much of her childhood was spent working on the family farm, raising alfalfa and peas to feed the beef cattle the farm raised. She was known in her town as a talented vocalist and routinely played leading roles in the theater department at Blackfoot High School. After completing her secondary education, she studied at Ricks College (now Brigham Young University–Idaho) and then at Utah State University, from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theater performance.

Move to Seattle and family life

Following her graduation, Kara moved to Seattle, where she worked as an actress and a restaurant hostess. She later found employment as an office manager at a local dental practice. The dentist who employed her was involved in addiction assistance programs for medical professionals, inspiring her to obtain a certification in drug and chemical dependency counseling, a field which she would go on to work in for a decade.

In 1993, Kara married Michael von Friedeck. They moved into the house that is now the Royal Residency and had their first son, Adam, in 1995. Their second son, Aaron, was born in 1998.


Early in Überstadti history, Kara found micronationalism a bizarre concept, questioning her son's motivation for founding a nation. This skepticism gradually diminished, and she became a great supporter of the project, hosting Adam's coronation and stitching the Kingdom's first cloth flag. She consented to the Royal Residency and associated land becoming part of Überstadt as the Barony of Rosewood in 2013 and was created the Baroness Rosewood on 20 March of that year. Around this time, she was made a judge of the Crown Court for the Duchy of Edmount, a role which she retains today.