Kapital (state in Neutnacia)

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Center of the proud nation!

Capital cityDomezad
Population3 people

Kapital is the third biggest and most populated state in Neutnacia. It's the official capital state in Neutnacia.

Cities, towns, villages

Domezad (city) (capital of Neutnacia), 2 people Puzatdomezad (town), 1 person

Sights in the state

The Tsardom Central is in Domezad, cornered by the Gubam-avenue (N1 highway) and the Tsar-street. Here is the Neutfere Parliament, the Castle of the Tsar, the I. Valenat Pofyhe Tsar Museum, and the Neutfere International Post Office. The I. Valenat Pofyhe Tsar Busterminal is in the border of Kapital, 1st exit from the N1 highway. The I. Valenat Pofyhe Tsar Airport and Helipad is in Puzatdomezad, cornered by the Tsar-street and the N1 highway (2nd exit to the airport). And here is the I. Valenat Pofyhe Tsar Train Station (2nd exit from the N1 highway).