Kamp Basca D.C

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Kamp Basca District Capital
Daerah Ibu Kota Kamp Baska
دايره ايبو کوتا کمڤ بسکا
Kamp Bazca Kvaerstog Vëlyoth
Daéghoh Ibu kote Kamp Baska

Kamp Basca flag.jpg
Kamp Basca City.jpg

District of Bascal
Motto: Bekerjasama demi kejayaan!
Southern Bascal
CapitalThe Parliament
Area4th largest district in Bascal

Kamp Bascal District Capital or D.C (Malay: Daerah Ibu Kota Kamp Baska Gutaish: Kamp Bazka Kvaerstog Vëlyoth) commonly known as Kamp Basca. Is the capital city of the State of Bascal. Kamp Basca is one of the 5 original districts in Bascal. It is the oldest district in Bascal, being established in 2005. The name "Bascal" itself actually taken from Kampong Basikal because bicycle is the main transportation in the country.


Kamp Basca was established in 2005 as an independent village (did not include Singapore Street A.D). The name is shortened for "Kampung Basikal" after the declaration of independence in 2009.


Like many other district in Bascal, due to it's small size. It is not suitable for people to live in Kamp Basca. Other main reason is because Kamp Basca is a capital city, most of it's spaces is used for government headquarters and parking area for cars and bicycles.


The official languages are Gutaish, English, Bascal Malay and Malay. Although the usage of Gutaish and English is decreasing, leaning towards Bascal Malay as the Lingua franca of the district.


Kamp Basca has 4 area that is :

  • Jalan Hijau area
  • Sunga Ungu area
  • Taman area
  • Bando Lame area

~ Former districts:

  • Astorn (now part of Bukit Guling)
  • Bukit Guling (became an independent district in 2009)
  • Padang Hijau (became an independent district in 2009, formerly known as Limpah Budu)

Notable places and locations 

  • Kamp Basca Park (formerly known as Shahomi Garden)                                                                                                         
  • BlueFish square
  • Parliament complex
  • Police headquarters
  • Wall of Bascal (once commonly known as White Wall)

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Bascal flag.jpg Bascal Flag of Rowhing.jpg Bukit Guling, Bukit Guling  Sister city
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