Kaluçya Empire

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The Kaluçya Empire, also called Kaluchya in English, is a micronation in Turkey.

Kaluchya Empire
başparmak FlagCoat of Arm
Coat of arms

"Big hearts"
"Turkish İstiklal Anthem"

Capital city1. Kaluchya
Largest city2.Kaluchya
Official language(s)Turkish
Official religion(s)Islam
Short nameKaluchya
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy with active monarch
- MelikVoviska
- Prime MinisterReismail
Established2 December 2020
Area claimed500,12 m²
Population20 (de facto)
CurrencyTurkish Lira, Kaluçya Nüge
Time zone(GMT+3)
National animalBudgerigar


Kaluchya Empire was established on 2 December 2020. Kaluchya is a micronation ruled by an absolute monarchy. At first, Melik wanted micronation to be ruled by a constitutional monarchy. But it did not succeed. Therefore, it was passed to absolute monarchy again. Kaluçya Melik alone rules the country, but it progresses according to the demands of the people. Decisions are made in the palace, which is virtual in micronation without a parliament.



In December 2020, Kaluçya Melik wanted to establish a state as a hobby in a deserted land. He then gave up this thought. Because he lived in Turkey, it was difficult for him to leave Turkey. He encountered a micronation on the Internet and continued his research into the topic. It was better to establish a micronation for hobby purposes in his homeland. He thought about it and decided to establish a micronation called the Kaluchya Empire. He founded Kaluçya on December 2, 2020. The micronation, which initially consisted of a single region, was later expanded by adding two more regions. Melik had close relatives (such as grandparents) in these regions. The country system was introduced. However, later it switched to the Kaluchya state system. Citizenship was acquired for other close relatives. Honorary citizens are attached to a random state.

Politics and government

Law and order

Foreign relations


Geography and climate


Name Year of foundation
1.Kaluçya (Capital) 2020
2.Kaluçya 2020
3.Kaluçya 2020


Culture and media

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External links

Later https://kalucyaempire2020.wixsite.com/sitem


Name Year of foundation
1.Kaluçya (Capital) 2020
2.Kaluçya 2020
3.Kaluçya 2020