Kalamazoo Governorate

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The Kalamazoo Governorate of Adonia
Flag of the Kalamazoo Governorate (Adonia).png
Anthem: Grand Kalamazoo!
File:Kalamazoo, Michigan
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, German, Polish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian
GovernmentUnitary One-Party Adonian-Republican Governorate
• Governor
Trevor Horobik
LegislatureThe Kalamazoo Legislature
The Court of Kalamazoo
Establishment8 August 2020
• Census
CurrencyAdonian Dollarium
Time zone(EST/ET)
Preceded by
United States of America

The Adonian Kalamazoo Governorate, commonly called the Kalamazoo Governorate, was a Governorate, a self-sustaining region of people under the Federation of Adonia. It was formed by Governor Trevor Horobik on 8 August, 2020. The Kalamazoo Governorate was located within Kalamazoo, Michigan in the United States. National Languages of the Kalamazoo Governorate included English (English), German (Deutsch), Polish (Polski), Russian (русский язык) Latvian (Latvietis), Lithuanian (Lietuvis), and Estonian (Eestlane). The Kalamazoo Governorate was an Adonian-Republican Governorate. It was the first Region under the Federation of Adonia and the first region outside of the State of Illinois, Where Adonia was founded. The Capital of the Kalamazoo Governorate is Kalamazoo, taking its name from Kalamazoo Michigan, where it was created.



The Trevastan Soviet Socialist Republic (TSSR), also commonly called Trevastan, was created by Trevor Horobik following an interest of his to create a micronation and it would join the Community in February 2020. However, Trevastan really started making any sort of move in April 2020, when Andrew Franson formed the Harmony Accord. Trevastan would join the Harmony Accord at the end of April 2020. At this time, Trevastan was an inactive micronation that did no more than participate in the Harmony Accord. At the beginning of May, Trevor would get himself into controversy when he messaged a follower of K-Pop, sending them a message about how this person was a "Nazi" and that they should leave the micronational community alone. The K-Poppers response to this was to post about the message, causing Trevor to get into short controversy. Trevastan was removed from the Harmony Accord, but was later allowed back in since the vote to remove Trevastan was considered unfair. Trevastan would remain in the Harmony Accord until the collapse of the Harmony Accord in Mid-May 2020.

Post Harmony Accord History

Trevastan remained mainly inactive following the collapse of the Harmony Accord. Sometime in May, however, Andrew Franson offered Trevastan a place in the DPRA, the earliest form of Adonia. Trevor denied this offer, and instead focused on the Crimson Socialist Republic (CSR), which he would later let annex Trevastan. In late May, The DPRA dissolved and joined the CSR. Trevastan would follow suit.

CSR History

Trevastan joined the CSR officially and formed the Gilmore Region. This region claimed the same territory the Modern Day Kalamazoo Commune claims. The Gilmore region remained a mix of inactive and active, making suggestions and assisting the head of state of the CSR. The Gilmore Region was one of the regions that remained at the right hand side of the head of state of the CSR, assisting in whatever they had needed at the best of the Gilmore Regions ability. However, Andrew Franson, agitated with the lack of independence and the way the relationship between him and the CSR head of state had been going, convinced Trevor to leave the CSR and either leave micronationalism, stay in Micronationalism with a micronation or without a micronation, and to leave the CSR. The Adonia Region declared itself disbanded and the Gilmore Region followed. The CSR would disband itself just hours after.

History in Adonia

Following the dissolution of the Gilmore Region, Trevor remained relatively quiet in micronationalism. Though, He remained close and good friends with Andrew Franson. Following the foundation of the Federation of Adonia (at the time, AFSR), Trevor assisted in the foundation of the Adonian Torch Party (At the time, known as the Workers Party of Adonia, WPA) and became one of its first members. Trevor assisted the founder of the WPA in convincing Andrew that Ludwig (at the time, known as Ivan) was taking advantage of Andrew in order to gain more power in Adonia and the community as a whole. With the WPA and other parties, Ivan and the 30+ people he had invited to Adonia were banned from Adonia and Adonian Politics.

The many people who had joined Adonia to remove Ludwig from Adonian Politics began to leave. Trevor is the only one who had remained in Adonian Politics for a long time.

Following the creation of the Adonian Constitution, On 8 August, 2020, Trevor formed the Kalamazoo Governorate. The Kalamazoo Governorate was the first Adonian Region, the First Governorate under Adonia, and was the oldest Adonian Governorate. The Kalamazoo Governorate assisted in the foundation of the Agricultural Society of Adonia, or the ASA. It had a big part in the Adonian Transition as well, considering it had been the only governorate in Adonia. It would dissolve in Early 2022 due to inactivity and the transition.

Politics and government

The Government of the Kalamazoo Governorate is extremely small. Considering the fact it is only a Governorate under Adonia. The Kalamazoo Governorate follows the Adonian Governments way of governing, using Adonian-Republicanism as its ideological guiding force.

National and Communal Legislature

The Kalamazoo Governorate had one legislative force, that being the Kalamazoo Legislature. It was under the Adonian Torch Party with Trevor Horobik being in charge.

Legislature of the Federation of Adonia

Name Postion Term
Andrew Franson Supreme Executive of Adonia 07/07/2020 - Present
Trevor Horobik Governor, Minister of Foreign Affairs 08/08/2020 - Present

Legislature of The Kalamazoo Governorate

Name Postion Term
Trevor Horobik Governor 07/08/2020 - Present


The Judicial Power of the Kalamazoo Governorate was the Court of Kalamazoo. 3 Adonian Citizens were be trained in American and Adonian law and put into the court. They were selected by an election from the people. The Governorates have the absolute ability to petition the government. The People have the absolute ability to petition officials and other parts of government.

Government Projects

Agricultural Society of Adonia Project

The ASA, Officially the Agricultural Society of Adonia, was a society that mainly focused on farming crops and creating a food source within Adonian Territory. The ASA was founded by Trevor Horobik.


The culture of the Kalamazoo Governorate was based off of Russian, German, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian values and ideals. It took many holidays, traditions, music and ideas from The Russian Federation, The Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Poland, The Republic of Lithuania, The Republic of Estonia, and The Republic of Latvia.


Music within the Kalamazoo Governorate were popular are songs such as Katyusha (A Soviet folk song), Wide is my Adonian Motherland (Rendition of Wide is my Motherland). Music within the Governorate tends to be either from the United States of America, Russian Federation, The Federal Republic of Germany, and The Republic of Poland. It also included music from the Baltic States, because of the cultural bases of the Governorate.

Geography and climate

The Kalamazoo Governorate was located in Michigan, United States. Particularly in Southwestern Michigan. The Kalamazoo Governorate was surrounded by the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Climate data for Federation of Adonia, Kalamazoo Governorate
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 0
Average low °C (°F) -7.2
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 20.32
Source: timeanddate.com[1]

State Media

The Adonian Press Organization was a state sponsored news source for the Adonian Nation. Formed on 11/24/2020, It shared most of the news of the Kalamazoo Governorate and Adonia as a whole. RadioAdonia is an Adonian state sponsored podcast service created and run by Andrew Franson.