Kaiser Mog I

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Line of Haiken

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Progenitor: James I

Kaiser Mog I was the name taken by James Raine upon his second major assumption of the Shirerithian throne. Mog was most famous for giving away the Shirerithian territories of Amity and Mirioth against the will of the people, costing him his throne and earning him immortality as the Cedrist God of Political Blunders.

Mog took the persona of a moogle, a tiny winged-bear creature from the Final Fantasy Games, despite some concern that this was too role-playing-y. He presided over the establishment of strong relations with the Imperium of Menelmacar, which shared dual citizens with Shireroth, and was a dual citizen himself, the laws against Kaisers living elsewhere not having been passed until after his reign. In fact, it may have been direct result of his actions that caused that doctrine to come into existence.

Mog's most famous gesture of friendship to the Menelmacari was giving them the two Shirerithian islands of Amity and Mirioth. Many Shirerithians were angered at the move, as both were very old and traditionally important and as Mirioth held the status of Cedrist Holy Land. Although Erik Mortis was supposedly on one of his sabbaticals at the time, the move angered him enough to cause him to prophecy, as Brrapa Lu Eraro, that Mog had lost the favor of the gods.

The Yardistani launched one of their traditional rebellions against him, and soon Erik rejoined national life as Kaiser Letifer I and took control of the rebel troops. Mog was defeated and killed by Letifer in a climactic battle, having abandoned the traditional royal Sword of Vengeance in favor of his own Halberd of Retribution.

In the end the Recwar was seen as a complete success as it led to great amounts of fun, and did not collapse into a mass of angry god-modding accusation, which plague most recwars. This success is attributed to a planned outcome, coordinated by Erik and James, so that in the end there was an orderly change of power, but allowed for complete free-reign of creativity in the lead-up. The civil manner in which the entire recwar occurred led to Erik referring to it, and other well structured recwars as, Civil Recwars.

Just under a year later, the events of Mog's reign served as the inspiration for the tragedy Mogbeth.

Skyline Political Cartoon

Ask someone about why this guy became the God of Political Blunders. Let's leave it at that it involved his disownment of the Sword of Vengeance and his bearing (ha ha) of the Halberd of Retribution.

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