Kaiser Ari 0

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Progenitor: Paul I

A persona of Ari Rahikkala who reigned for the short period of ten days as one of the first Kaisers in the true history of Shireroth. Ari 0 was a sentient dolphin, hailing from the Duchy of Straylight. Contact with Babkha had infected him with a certain fondness for violence: He had a penchant for bathing in human blood, and at the end of his reign he roleplayed his own gruesome assassination (carried out by getting dipped into aqua regia).

The nonstandard ordinal after his name has had a number of cultural explanations, but the real explanation is that people with too much experience of computing simply count from zero.

Preceded by:
Gaelen II
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Celestis I