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Kombinat VEB für Administrativ-, Informationstechnik & Infrastruktur (ger)
Combinate of COEs for Administrative and Information technology and Infrastructure (eng)
Комбинат НП для административных и информационных технологий и инфраструктуры (rus)
合并人民企业信息技术,行政技术和基础设施 (cmn)


Type Combinate of collectively owned enterprises

Headquarters Bischofshofen, Pangavian People's Democratic Republic

Founded 2 September 2017

Products Infrastructural sector

Kombinat Volkseigener Betriebe für Administrativ-, Informationstechnik & Infrastruktur, shortened to K-VEB AITIS, is a combinate of collectively owned enterprises (COEs) in the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic. It is concerned with the production of commodities needed to maintain and expand general administrative infrastructure in all parts of the Pangavian PDR and has subsidiaries in Schwarzach, Mittelgastein and Flachau, organized as independent COEs. Its headquarters are located in the capital Bischofshofen.