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Country Nedlando-Khorașan
Constituent country Khorașan
Vəlāyat Hasanistan
Created20 August 2014
Founded byAli Haydar Khan
 • BegNone
 (14 August 2017)
 • Total0

Köktughluk (Turkic: Köktughluk Xanlïqï, Turkish: Köktughluk Kağanlığı) is a department of Hasanistan in Nedlando-Khorasan. It was previously an independent micronation claiming land in Antarctica, before its name was repurposed and its land claim was changed to an area in Hasanistan.


The name Köktughluk comes from the word Kök which means Blue/Divine and the word tugh which means Banner thus meaning combined Divine Banner.


Köktughluk is a absolute monarchy ruled by the House of Aqhajdirha - the Throne is officially Elective, but can solely be elected amongst descendants of the first Khagan, Deniz I Aqhajdirha. The Khagan is head of state as Monarch, and holds vast executive, legislative, and judicial powers. He is advised by the Qurultay, a body which he can consult for and which can issue the Monarch with non-binding advice and suggestions. On a daily basis, most executive and legislative power is exercised by the Monarch and Sublime Porte, the Bashbekh co-ordinate the policies of Sublime Porte in accordance with the wishes of the Monarch. The judiciary is comprised of the High Court, which is lead by the Qad'i.

Sublime Porte

The Sublime Porte consists of the Vazir's and the Bashbekh, it currently consists of:

  • Vazir of Foreign Affairs - Əsgər Beg, responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations.
  • Vazir of Defense & War - Fatih Paşa, responsible for implementing the defense policy of the Khaganate.

Culture and demographics

Köktughluk is a Turkic culture which follows the Turko-Persian tradition. Islam is the predominant religion, but there is also a minority of Tengriists and Orthodox Christians in Köktughluk. Freedoms of Religion is officially established, but most of it's citizens follow either of the two official religions.

Out of it's citizens, 53% speak a Turkic language as their native language, 100% speak English as a secondary language.

National holidays

Date Name Remarks
1 January New year's day
1 May Spring Holiday
23 June Sabantuy Sabantuy is summer festival, that dates back to the Volga Bulgarian epoch.
20 Augustus Independence Day
17 October Day of the Khagan
n/a Eid al-Fitr Date is determined according to the lunar calendar and is annually approved by yarlyk of the Khagan
n/a Eid al-Adha Date is determined according to the lunar calendar and is annually approved by yarlyk of the Khagan

Foreign Relations

Köktughluk establishes and maintains diplomatic relations with other nations through the Vazir of Foreign Affairs. He has the power to grant "states of friendship", official recognition of another nation can only be granted by an Imperial Yarlyk.

Nations with which Köktughluk has signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition

Nations with which Köktughluk holds informal relations

Other nations which Köktughluk recognises, but holds no relations with