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Kánit øv Nedlind
Flag of Nedland.png
Tamga of Nedland.png

Ål Hæl ðø Gloryәs Nedlind
Capital city Pølázu
Largest city Paçižyø
Official language(s) Iňgliš
Demonym Nedlandәr (Nůn); Nedlandik (Ajektiv)
Government Sošyøl demøkrat
- Geng(h)is Kán Tezvәr Yldselem Tömörkhan
- Hed Ødvězәr Kán Kárgys vån Stәrnbәrg
Legislature Græt Kurultě
- Last election - n/ø
Established 29 Æpr 2015
23 Sep 2016 (az Kánit)
Population 47 (8 Jun 2016)
Currency n/ø
Time zone (YTK+1

Øffišyl sět

Ðø Kánit øv Nedlind (Šlovedkyin: Kantsvu Nidpodi, Norwyjyin: Khanatet Nedland), iz ø sesešyiønist měkronæšyәn lokætid prěmærly in ðø Wášiňtәn, D.K. æryø øv ðø Yunětid Stæts, bøt álso in six øðәr makronæšyәns. It iz ø formәr fedәrl membәr stæt øv ðø Empěyәr øv Pøráviø, bifor it diklærd indipendins ån Septembәr 23, 2016. It køvәrz ø totl øv ovәr 40 prěvit pråpәrtyz in ten køntryz. Ðø lokl gøvәrnmint iz prěmærly røn ån ø sošyәl demøkratik bæsis. It sisydid without Paravian øppruvl on September 23, 2016.

Patrik I, the empәrәr øv Pørávyø, wøz álso ðy empәrәr øv Nedlind du tu its forml kølonyl statøs wiþ Pørávyø. Hůevәr, ðat statøs iz mæd yvin mor øfišyl, nů ðat Nedlind iz wiþin Pørávyin såvәrn tæritory.

Nedland currently controls territory in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Ghana, Poland, France, Pakistan, Spain, and Switzerland. It also controlled territory in Cameroon, but now it makes up Abeldane Nedland.

Nedland is currently not united, with pieces of it not only in Abelden. The Duchy of Romitria is a member state of the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia, the dependency of Shedland is part of the Republic of Litvania, and the Archduchy of Thurshodn is an administrative division of the Sorrenian Federation. These territories, combined with Nedland proper, are referred to as Greater Nedland.



On October 7, 2014, an 8th grade boy, Ned Greiner, founded the Democratic Republic of Nedland. It was originally created as a joke, before the Nedlanders were a definitive nationality. Before its founding , Nedland was a concept thought up by Greiner after he began to think about creating his own micronation without knowing its perks. He shared the idea with fellow classmate Patrick Maco, who founded two micronations as jokes: Nedland and the Capitalist Democratic Republic of Patistan, both of which were originally capitalist dictatorships. There were both one-man micronations, and as for their sovereign territory, Nedland claimed Greiner 's house, and Patistan a gigantic fictional island off the coast of Asia.

Flag of the Capitalist Democratic Republic of Patistan

Maco created a Wikia for Patistan, and Greiner merged his with a previous project's wiki.

Greiner and Maco shared the nations as an in-joke for around two months, before Maco lost interest and the project fell into neglect.

Democratic Extraterrestrial Republic of Nedland: The Independent Minecraft Server Fantasy

In January 2015, Greiner began formulating a plan for an independent Minecraft server which would be named the Democratic Extraterrestrial Republic of Nedland. His initial plan was to build a few more apartment buildings in his town Ned City on a flat world. He thought that he would make a profit by selling virtual land to citizens. To formulate his thoughts, Greiner founded a new wiki for the DERN. However, it only had pages for a very small percentage of the buildings - and that was all. The wiki was abandoned when the project was.

The flag of the DERN

As time wore on, Greiner realized that he did not even have the bandwidth to host the server on the network he was developing it on, and thus the project was abandoned. Maco was not there to give input, as he was not involved in the project. Greiner did not ask Maco because he knew that he had a well-known dislike of Minecraft. Greiner and Maco were also drifting apart. Greiner was also experiencing issues both at home and school, so to a certain extent the project had to be abandoned.

Revival and the annexation of Patistan

On April 29th, 2015, Greiner remembered the micronation, and revived the project on May 1st - only his time he was creating a real sovereign state. During a conversation with a teacher at his school who had met Sealand's prince and football team, he recalled the micronation. What Greiner had come up with claiming his cul de sac, which he named Gammaville, a now-defunct municipality. However, as Greiner was moving to a condominium in Arlington, the cul de sac became irrelevant in the long run.

On May 7, Greiner began thinking about what government his nation would have. The first thing was that he would have a similar provincial structure to that of Russia. He was going to absorb other weaker or abandoned micronations, and make them into semi-autonomous republics in a union of republics, all of which divide the territory controlled by Nedland by micronational ethnicity. Oblasts have been announced and planned, but not until there is enough land controlled to host an oblast.

He then decided to give it a socialist government, to continue the legacy of his great-grandmother Georgia Cozzini, who had run as Vice President with the Socialist Labor Party during the 1956 presidential elections.

To annex a micronation and make his first republic, Greiner consulted Maco about annexing Patistan, and Maco said that he no longer cared, and that Patistan was 'the whole world,' not a fictional island. On May 8 it was formally annexed by Nedland and became an autonomous republic. Maco was appointed leader of the republic.

The Patistani Republic of Nedland only claims Maco's house. Maco technically recognizes the republic, but claims that he now controls 'The United States of Patmerica,' which was something he had made up on the spot during the discussions.

Greiner also had plans to annex the communist micronation of Meland, another micronation at his school, and turn it into a republic. Formal negotiations were scheduled to start on May 11. They resulted in a brief war between the two nations, but it did not result in any consequences.

Early International and Domestic History

On May 12, the Labour Party, joined the International of Left-wing Parties, a Leftist micronational organization whose member parties works to improve the status of the Left in the micronational world.

On May 13, new citizen Jimmy Duke was elected as the Minister of Imports, but more importantly, citizen Matt Noone, who had not previously asked for a position and had not held one, suddenly turned against Greiner's administration. Noone declared himself a presidential candidate, but the elections had been over the previous week. Noone has since been declared the leader of Greiner's opposition.

On June 5, 2015, President Jackson Cole of the Kid United Republic became a citizen. As he lived in Sacramento, California, the Sacramento Subcultural Republic was established.

Private Perry Tita of Cameroon had joined a couple weeks before this. He was granted the position of managing his house in Douala, Cameroon, thus creating the Nedlandic Cameroonian Territory, a dependent territory with no permanent population. It was put under the jurisdiction of the Douala Subcultural Republic.

On July 25, Nedland gained the citizenship of a Spanish man living in France, making the Spanish and French Territories.

Civil War

On May 21, Patrick Maco and his autonomous Patistan declared independence as the United States of Patmerica.

Since its beginnings, had gone on a decline from being an interested, aspiring micronationalist to not being interested, and was tired of it. Then, because he believed Nedland was stupid, he declared the Autonomous Republic of Patistan independent from Nedland, as the United States of Patmerica.

On the afternoon of May 21, Head Judge Peter Clark of the Supreme Court of Nedland resigned, only to have Maco walk in with his friends. Maco heard Clark's resignation, and declared that he would make Patistan a new nation, and thus the United States of Patmerica insurgency was born. Soon, ministers Ian Conrad of the Ministry of Keeping Evil Dictators in Power and Jimmy Duke of the Ministry of Imports joined Patmerica as well.

On the spot, Greiner stated calmly that all of the rebels had had their citizenship revoked, on request from them. Then, Conrad 'declared war on Nedland.' Maco and the others accepted the suggestion. Then, Greiner banned all of them from entering Nedland until further notice. Then, he went on to further state that they were all convicted of war crimes, and that Nedland did not recognize or claim Patmerica or Patistan, and thus their 'war' was not recognized by Nedland, but only as a brief insurgency.

When Maco went on to further declare all-out war on Nedland, Greiner promptly convicted Maco of high treason and another classified charge. Greiner then convicted Peter Clark, Jimmy Duke and Ian Conrad of first degree treason, but charges were later dropped May 24 on Clark and Duke due to perceived non-malicious intentions.

Another minister was also falsely charged with treason at that moment as well, but they were a mistake, and charges were lifted on May 22. A trial for both of the defendants is scheduled to be Monday, and Greiner deployed his Armed Forces to apprehend and then take the defendants to be tried by temporary justices Greiner and Cameron Pino in Nedland's Supreme Court.


On May 24, Greiner founded an alliance which was called the Micronational Treaty Organization, an organization dedicated to protecting all but at the same time not putting pressure on them to be active. It officially succeeded the last alliance which Nedland founded, but only two members from that alliance actually joined MNTO.

The same day, the United Republics of Wolfpond and the Usian Republic both ILP members, joined. Soon many others joined, two of them being the Duchy of the Lowcountry and Mcarthia.

On May 27 due to reasons concerning MNTO, Duke Jeffrey Bellino of the Lowcountry quit and refused to have relations with Nedland. Thus, the Lowcountry quit MNTO altogether.

Elections were held the same day as to who would be the next leader. Greiner won with three votes, but his opponent, Liam Raymond of Wolfpond, was appointed to various positions of power, including the leading adviser to Greiner.

On May 31, it dissolved for various reasons.

Pannonian War

On June 6, 2015, President Greiner issued a formal declaration of war to President Vít Jedlička of the Free Republic of Liberland, thus joined the Pannonian War on the side of President Matthew Phillips of South Maudlandia.

The war started when Liberland was planning to take land from South Maudlandia, and their president, Matthew Phillips, issued a warning to them. When they refused and occupied the island of Siga, South Maudlandia declared war upon Liberland.

Tensions with Nedland and Liberland had already slightly risen, due to their rudeness in completely ignoring his request for a treaty of mutual recognition.

When the Kid United Republic, a key player on South Maudlandia’s side, cued them in on it, they gladly joined South Maudlandia in the effort to eradicate Liberland even before the Serbian and Croatian police would.

On June 7, Nedland pulled out due to Greiner believing that the war was pointless in the first place to all participants besides South Maudlandia. Thus, he pulled out due to various comments made by Jackson Cole and Richard I of Mercia, bringing him fully back to reason. Greiner then quit due to this.

ILP reforms

On July 4, Nedland, due to reforms for the International of Left-wing Parties, discontinued their Lunar Territory. The also made English the only official language, making the others regional ones. Various other small fixes were made as well. They also changed their flag.

Nollandish Confederacy

On 26 July 2015, Nedland was admitted into the Nollandish Confederacy, a commonwealth/union of nations united in trade, diplomacy and such. Nedland joined mainly due to the fact that their friend-nations were members.

Nedland hopes to establish even closer ties to their friend-nations in the Confederacy.

Coup and Joining Paravia

In a Facebook group message, then-President Greiner had planned to leave the micronational community as a photo of a private message had surfaced from Munkkia]n Mathias L. Magnussen showing that Greiner had plotted to overthrow Joseph Kennedy. Greiner had given military power to Eren Lewis previously, and had given Lord Grant Hawkins an autonomous republic to rule over. Lewis proceeded to hold a coup which placed Lord Hawkins as illegal President of Nedland. Greiner had then proceeded to give up all of his land to the Empire of Paravia and proceed to kick Eren Lewis out of the chatroom. A message was sent to Hawkins' Facebook profile from Greiner asking him to step down as president. Hawkins decided not and ruled Nedland for 4 days until the landless government's dissolution on the 17th of August 2015.

Hawkins only maintained the government after Lewis' illegal coup. Greiner gave all of Nedland's land to Paravia due to a loss of reputation and Greiner's lack of will to carry on, becoming the Autonomous Region of Nedland on August 14, 2015.

During a brief confusion, the Abeldane Empire and Paravia split Nedland two ways - Abelden getting South Nedland (aka Abeldane Nedland) and Paravia getting the northern territories. When Greiner discovered the deal via his email, he was outraged. He promptly seceded from Abelden and gave all of the Republic of South Nedland, an independent nation for around 20 seconds, to Paravia. Abelden was only left with the agreed-upon land formerly covered by Nedlandic Cameroonian Territory.

The original deal was for Abelden to annex only the Cameroonian Territory and gain the rest in the event of a Paravian coup, but he did not understand, and thus the confusion resulted from this.

On the same day that Hawkins disbanded the DSFR's government, Jackson/Horatio Eden, a citizen of the Universal Triumvirate, declared himself Ceremonial President of DSFR Nedland, but without any remaining territorial claims, the title remained useless.

On 28 November 2015, the Autonomous Region of Nedland was officially disbanded.

Republic of Nedland

On May 5, 2016 Nedland officially declared independence again, with the goals of tending to internal affairs and reforming diplomatic bonds with former friends of Nedland.

State of Nedland

On May 12, 2016, Nedland officially changed its form of government to a state, in order to allow Patrick I of Paravia to be the head of state/emperor of Nedland.

Nedland also hosted one autonomous area, Hiddleston and Alonia, which was formed from the remains of Quetico Street. It was autonomous under Nedland, hosting the QMSE from June 9 to June 14, 2016, before leader Henry Twain seceded it and it became independent.

Rejoining Paravia

On July 21, 2016, Nedland rejoined a federal Paravia via the Treaty of Nyros. Nedland joined the Empire with Grémmia, the Usian Republic, the DRCC, and Dachenia. Nedland declared independence from Paravia as the "Khanate of Nedland" on September 23, 2016.


Great Kurultay

The Great Kurultay is a parliamentary-like body of all-citizens, but most of them are primarily citizens of other micronations. There are plans to have up to 40 seats in the Kurultay, but it will still hold sessions and discussions even if all seats are not full. Any citizen has the right to found a party, and currently there are seven political parties with seats in the Kurultay, as listed below.

Political parties

Logo Name Abbreviation Coalition Leader Stance Seats
Logo of the LPN.png Labour Party of Nedland LP Left Ned Greiner Social democratic 1
LMPlogo.png Liberal Fascist Party LF Left Mike Lewis Center 1
Independent Party I n/a Karl Friedrich Conservative 1
Worker's Nedlandic Socialist Party NS n/a Kerry Stapleton Far Left 1


Recognized; no diplomatic relations

Flag of Somaliland.png Somaliland

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