July 2021 Ceticilian special parliamentary election

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Ceticilian Special Parliamentary election, July 2021
← April 2021 2–4 July 2021 July 2021 →
Turnout61.5% (16/26)
  First party Second party Third party
  Ceticilian Ecological Union.svg DSP logo Red.svg Gpoc logo.png
Party Ceticilian Ecological Union Democratic Socialists Geolibertarian
Seats won 3 2 1
Popular vote 8 5 2
Percentage 53.3% 33% 13.3%

The Ceticilian Parliamentary election, January 2021 was a special Ceticilian Parliamentary election and the fifth of 2021. Jordan Lord, long-time leader of the Geolibertarian Party has regained his seat in this election cycle, the Ceticilian Ecological Union has gained a plurality of seats in this election cycle and the Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticilia has lost its supermajority. Notable in this election is that there was one formal abstention; the first formal abstention in any Parliamentary election whatsoever.


The Ceticilian Special Parliamentary Election, July 2021 was called because of two Members of Parliament failing to meet their deadline with their subsequential removal. Some CEU members were of the opinion, that the last election was the most unrepresentative in Ceticilian history and that early elections should be held to reflect whether or not the supermajority of the DSP was legitimized by democratic will. The question on whether or not the previous election was legal was however agreed upon, being that it was fully legal. The relevant laws and motions are:

I propose CET 2021-063 (Parliamentary Election Reform Act) be amended to include the following clause: 6: In the case of a parliamentary seat becoming vacant, there shall be an election for the whole of Parliarment, that being every seat, held in no more than two weeks of the seat becoming vacant. The exact date of the election shall be determined by the Bureau of Elections.


Motion to hold an extempore Parliamentary election beginning on 2021-07-02 at 00:00 UTC+2 and lasting 72 hours, in which all seats in Parliament are up for election.

It is one of two Parliamentary elections taking place in July.

Electoral system

The electoral system in use in this election was proportional representation using Sainte-Laguë. This electoral system was put in place to battle unrepresentative elections and to make parties more relevant to the system. Some modifications because of the low population of Ceticilia had to be made, so it is the case that parties who field fewer candidates than they are eligible for get (a) party-wide vote(s) in the Parliament which can not object to laws but approve or disapprove of them as a sort of virtual voter that takes into account how the rest of the party voted. Independent candidates are allowed this system too but never so that a majority is established for them.

Because Jordan Lord ran as the only candidate of the Geolibertarian Party, he is deemed an independent per electoral law.

Results and Aftermath

In total, 16 votes were cast. Eight for the CEU, five for the DSP, two for Jordan Lord and there was one abstention

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