July 2018 attacks in Kirilmaz

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July 2018 attacks in Kirilmaz
Government seat 12 minutes after explosion
LocationFlag of Fyrinia.png Kirilmaz, Fyrinia
Date25 and 26 July 2018
10:46 PM – 00:06 AM
TargetSocial Democrats
Weaponsself-made bombs
Deathsat least 37
Non-fatal injuries
over 400
PerpetratorFyrinian National Militias
Suspected perpetrators
Sofia D. Borchard
Hamza Bardakçı
Xhafer Hoxha
MotiveSocial Democrats' politics

The July 2018 attacks in Kirilmaz was a trial of terrorist attacks happened in Kirilmaz, a capital of Fyrinia, on 25 and 26 July 2018 between 10:46 PM and 00:06 AM. Three bombs exploded in the metropolis: near the government seat and the Prime Minister's residence in Çankaya, and near the headquarters of the Social Democrats in Chouefiat. At least 37 people died, more than 400 people were injured. Three people are accused of the attacks: Sofia Dorothea Borchard, a 34-year-old Fyrinian citizen of German descent, Hamza Bardakçı, a Fyrinian Turkish, and Xhafer Hoxha, a Fyrinian partly of Albanian descent. All of the suspected perpetrators confirmed they have ties to an illegal national bolshevik organization called Fyrinian National Militias.

The first bomb near the government seat, hidden in a wagon car in overground garages for employees, exploded at 10:46 PM. The explosion killed 5 people, other 9 people died during a fire in the building. The second bomb, hidden in a car in the street near the Prime Minister's residence, exploded at 11:03 PM, 2 minutes after a command to evacuate Prime Minister was called. The explosion killed 13 people, 6 of them were residents of a hotel near the Prime Minister's residence. Prime Minister Lukáš Čuřík was still in the residence when the bomb exploded, however, later it was confirmed that he was not injured. The third bomb exploded one hour and three minutes later, at 00:06 AM, near the headquarters of the Party of Social Democrats. It killed 10 people.

Explosions and investigation

An investigation started immediately after the first explosion. According to records of camera systems, the cars had been standing in their places already since approximately 2:20 PM. Camera systems recorded three people leaving the cars, two men and one woman, who were recorded by cameras once again in a parking building in Chouefiat, taking a common car and leaving the city. Police could not recognize men's faces but it identified a woman as Sofia D. Borchard, who placed the car with a bomb near the Prime Minister's residence. Thereafter, police found a car used by terrorists to leave the country, near Kvilda, about 4 km to the German border. An international airport in München informed the Fyrinian police, that terrorists were in the airport. Suddenly, Vueling Airlines informed the police, that terrorists flew over to Barcelona with their aeroplane, and that they are going to take another aeroplane going to Algiers. At half past five, Fyrinian police contacted the Spanish government and asked them to avert terrorists to depart to Algiers. Spanish police arrested terrorists, who returned by police aeroplane back to Fyrinia at 11:20 AM.

Probable verdict

According to official information, terrorists face very high penalties, as Fyrinian justice allows to convict for an infinite count of years. They will be convicted for at least 8 years for terrorism and membership in an illegal organization. Hamza Bardakçı faces maximally 167 years in prison, Sofia D. Borchard faces 161 years in prison and Xhafer Hoxha faces 149 years in prison. In summary, they can be convicted for 477 years in prison.


According to terrorists, their motive was politics of the Social Democratic Party. As Borchard said, „politics of the Social Democratic Party destroys Fyrinia from the beginning and successfully destroys culture, which has been building by Fyrinians for long years“.