Vilthian feudal election, July 2012

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July 2012 Yunivers Feudal Elections
Central Protectorate
Second ElectionJuly 2012July 13-15
Last election in 2009
Great Vicar of the Central Protectorate
Noble of the Province of Colat
Candidate Nils Tedeschi
Province/Feud Province of Colat
% of Votes 70%
Noble of the Province of Teratiliventhia
Candidate Lorenzo De Biasio (Incumbent)
Province/Feud Province of Teratiliventhia
% of Votes 59%
Noble of the Province of Pozut
Candidate Martina De Stefano (Incumbent)
Province/Feud Province of Pozut
% of Votes 80%
Noble of the Feud of Ildha
Candidate Ilaria Comici
Province/Feud Feud of Ildha n/a
% of Votes 55%

The July 2012 Yunivers Feudal Elections are political elections carried out in the Decracy of Yunivers to appoint the members of the Council of the Nobles.


  • NOBLE: Zannier Claudio (Also King of the Decracy)

No Election

Province of Teratiliventhia

  • PREVIOUS NOBLE: Lorenzo De Biasio
  • CANDIDATES: Lorenzo De Biasio, Marta Lamessa
  • ELECTED: Lorenzo De Biasio

Province of Colat

  • PREVIOUS NOBLE: Federico Mattia De Stefano
  • CANDIDATES: Nils Tedeschi, Sebastiano Zucco
  • ELECTED: Nils Tedeschi

Province of Pozut

  • PREVIOUS NOBLE: Martina De Stefano
  • CANDIDATES: Martina De Stefano, Andrea Rollo
  • ELECTED: Martina De Stefano

Feud of Ildha

  • PREVIOUS NOBLE: Ilaria Comici
  • CANDIDATES: Ilaria Comici, Simone Dospato
  • ELECTED: Ilaria Comici