Barry Johnson

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Barry Johnson is a former Governer of Concordia.

Barry Johnson
Governor of Concordia
Predecessor Position created
Successor Position abolished
Secretary of Defense
Predecessor Position created
Successor Position abolished
Lieutenant Prime Minister of Freedomia
Predecessor Landon I
Successor Garrett P.
Personal information
Born Unknown
Citizenship United States of America
Political party No current affiliation
Religion Christianity

Micronational career

Barry became a member of the Freedomian Community in March 2011, and later took on various government positions. He notably established the Province of Concordia, which was eventually annexed into the Province of Geraldo. After several months of contemplation, Cooper attempted, though failed, to start a Freedomian Civil War, threatening to take his territories and secede from the Republic, as well as uniting with the former Terrorist Faction of Demonz and take control of Freedomia. Presumably, he wanted to exercise absolute authority over Freedomia had he taken over. After Concordia's defeat in the conflict, Barry was tried for treason in 2012 with his Senate seat, government posts, and noble titles stripped of him. He also lost his citizenship and control of Concordia.