Jessica Nentjavacska

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Jessica Nentjavacska
Flag of the Republic of Nemkhavia
3rd President of Nemkhavia
Entered office
March 15th, 2010
Party Nemkhav People's Party
Secretary-General of the Green Party of Nemkhavia
In office office
7th January 2010 - 31st January 2010
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born classified
Dublin, Ireland
Birth name classified
Citizenship Nemkhav
Nationality Irish
Ethnicity Irish
Political party Nemkhav People's Party
Residence Davor Mijasack, Bosja Province
Religion Officially: None
Actually: Quasi-Catholic

Jessica Hana Nentjavacska, real name classified, is a Nemkhav politician. She has been a prominent voice in Green politics in Nemkhavia for some time. She is currently the President of the Republic of Nemkhavia. She was elected to the position on the 15th of March, after a ballot as the new Republic was forming. She was formerly the leader of the Green Party of Nemkhavia. The Green Party was disbanded when Nemkhavia entered the SUNP, but she would remain an integral figure during the era. Her popularity grew as she became a real voice of the people.

Ms. Nentjavacska was instrumental during the changeover to the new Republic, working alongside Sir Mark Meehan for the interests of the Nemhav people. She involved herself in answering questions and discussing the issue with the people. She also attended the meetings of the future Cabinet in which the leaders discussed the nature of the new state.


Nentjavacska was born in July 1990, in the city of Cernograd, in Bosja Province. She attended the local Irish schools, and first developed an interest in Micronationalism in her mid teens. She has been a longtime friend of Sir Mark, first meeting him in the year 2001. She has been a close friend of his since then. When the nation of Nemkhavia was founded, she was one of its earliest supporters. She was on the first Nemkhav Council of Settlement, the precursor to what is now the Nemkhav Government. In her capacity as a member, she made the case for an Imperial Republic. In fact, the very idea of a Nemkhav Imperial Republic has been officially attributed to her. She kept a low profile after the foundation of the nation, preferring to work behind the scenes, as opposed to the very public figure that the new Premier became.