Japan's three major micronations

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Place Japan micronations
Cognition 2016〜Current year
micronation Arcadia Empire

Wakoku Federation

GC UnitedStates

Applicable area Japan
Time zone UTC+9

This item specializes in the three mighty micronation in Japan.


1965〜2002 The predecessor of the Japanese micronation community is created by the town revitalization called [[Mini Independent Country]].]

1994 Empress Toyo declares her coronation in Yamatai and establishes Micronation, which later becomes the Federation of Wakoku.

2000〜2009 It seems that the first civil war broke out in the Wakoku Federation.

2011 The founding rush in the Japanese micronation community.

The Principality of Tanjia, the predecessor of the Arcadia Empire, is founded.

2013 The establishment of the Arcadia Empire.

2014 GC United States is established.

2015 Japan Micronation Federation is established.

2016~2018 The heyday of the Japanese micronation community.

Exacerbation of conflict between the community and the fictional nation.

2020~2021 The Japan Micronation Federation will be dissolved.

2022 The three countries and the Principality of Elria confront each other twice.

Community initiatives

The Arcadia Empire is proposing a peaceful solution, including arbitrating conflicts with governments.

While the Wakoku Federation is actively promoting foreign policy, it is making a thorough counterattack against hostile forces, and the pros and cons are divided. Signing the Monte Dissamble, etc.

The GC United States of America is expanding its power by force.

Supplementary information

  • The Arcadia Empire has the greatest voice in the Japanese community.
  • The Wakoku Federation is becoming stronger against the backdrop of its vast territory and diplomatic power.
  • GC United Stars is a military nation that operates as a community police force for micronations in Japan.