January War

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January War
Flag of Suwerenny.png
Date 10 January 2015 - 27 January 2015
Location Republic of Suwerenny
Result Suwerennian Victory
 • Creation of Appl'de Caq
Suwerenny and Allies

link={{{2}}} Republic of Suwerenny

Appl'de Caq

link={{{2}}} UHILU

Suwerennian leaders

link={{{2}}} T. Czherepuzczhak

Appl'de Caq leaders

link={{{2}}} M. Cherepuschak

Flag of Suwerenny.png 9

Total: 9

link={{{2}}} 3

Total: 3

Injuries and losses
0 1 injured

The January War was a civil war in the Republic of Suwerenny, fought between the Suwerennian Army and Canadian Supporters against Appl'de Caq.

The current front lines in the January War.

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