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King Jamie of Colchester
Seal of the Province of Colchester
Minister of Justice
Assumed Position
9 July 2020
Predecessor Crown Minister Harley
Successor Currently holds position
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Sam
Junior Minister (MoJ)
In Office
20 June 2020 - 9 July 2020
Predecessor Junior Minister Harley
Successor None
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Crown Minister Harley
First Minister
In Office
27 May 2019 - 21 July 2019
Predecessor Earl Finn
Successor Lord Jacob
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Matthew
In Office
14 February 2020 - 17 February 2020
Predecessor Earl Finn
Successor Earl Jack
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Automatic Appointment

(Due to Second Minister Act 2019)

In Office
3 March 2020 - 30 May 2020
Predecessor Earl Jack
Successor Lord Sam
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Emperor Terry
Acting Detective (National Investigative Service)
In Office
17 May 2020 - 1 June 2020
Predecessor Position Created
Successor None
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Emperor Terry
Second Minister
In Office
5 January 2020 - 14 February 2020
Predecessor Lady Becky
Before Jacob Administration
Successor Lady Becky
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Earl Finn
Minister of Media
In Office
29 July 2019 - 3 March 2020
Predecessor Lord Adam
Successor Princess Becky
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Jacob
Minister of Health
In Office
1 January 2019 - 29 May 2019
Predecessor Position Created
Successor Crown Minister Gilbert
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Matthew
Lord of Essexia
Assumed Position
21 May 2019
Predecessor Lord Moxham
Successor Currently holds office
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Matthew
Personal information
Born 4 February
Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexian, Paloman, Millanián
Nationality British
Spouse(s) McDaddy (div.2018)
Residence Great Baddow, Essexia
Occupation Minister of Justice,

Earl of Colchester,

Leader of the Royalist Party,

Ambassador to Paloma

Jamie I, King of Colchester is a former First Minister of Essexia and former key political figure. He is a prominent and active member of the Essexian community, and has contributed widely to the Nation. Additionally Jamie attended the GUM Summit on 28 June 2019 and represented the Commonwealth of Essexia as First Minister and as well as the Kingdom of Quebec (now PFQ) as a diplomat. He was made the Earl of Colchester Province on 17 May 2020 by Emperor Terry.


Jamie was made Crown Minister for the Ministry of Health in January 2019 by Lord Matthew, when the Ministries were created. On the 21st May, Lord Moxham's seat in the Parliament was given to Jamie by Royalist Party leader Lord Matthew as he believed the shuffle would better suit the Party and Commonwealth. On the 26th May, Lord Matthew, leader of the Royalist Party, announced that Jamie would become Earl Finn's successor as First Minister of Essexia at midnight, after party negotiations. And so, as of 27 May 2019 Lord Jamie began his time serving as First Minister of Essexia, hoping to continue the great work done by his predecessor Earn Finn.

First Minister

As of the 27th of May 2019 Jamie began serving as the fourth First Minister of Essexia. The inaugural day of his premiership was surrounded by immense drama and uncertainty following a series of controversial decisions that were rejected by the opposition and members within his own party, however ultimately the day is most marked by his appointment of Crown Minister Becky as Second Minister.

During the events of the Black Weekend, Lord Jamie stepped down as First Minister due to disagreements with the Old Guard Party and Emperor Terry of Essexia.

On 19th May 2020 Earl Jamie asked the Emperor for a by-election in Lord Elliot's seat. Despite originally getting the Emperors Assent and the support of the Giraffe Concordat, the by-election was found to be unlawful as Lord Elliot, despite being inactive, was not legally vacant of his role. Emperor Terry withdrew his assent however he said if a vote was held in Parliament he would allow it.

Events of 27th May 2019

As a result of his appointment of Second Minister Becky to the cabinet, Jamie sought her membership of Parliament, though a controversial decision to hold a by-election in Earl Finn's seat. After consideration and consulting his party he reconsidered his stance, deeming the risk of rebellion to be too high. Instead, he sought to remove Lord Adam from his Parliamentary seat, citing the aforementioned's relative inactivity. This idea was ultimately abandoned by Jamie, after even more consideration that resulted in him scrapping the prospect of a by-election. These seemingly indecisive actions were said by some made him appear weak and inconsequential, with some calling him unfit to serve. Thus, Lord Jack (Leader of the Opposition) issued the following statement that was seen as a major blow to Jamie's early premiership:

The National Conservatives have decided to stop supporting Lord Jamie as First Minister of Essexia. Though we believe he would have the nation's best interests at heart, and despite what he has said previously, we believe he does not, and that furthermore he is barely fit for the job. We will not be taking action, but his choices in the past hour have showed his true colours: He will not be able to stand up to the required task that Earl Finn could do so well.

According to his inner circle, this lack of trust distressed the new First Minister, thus he sought to make amends.

Jamie ended up proposing Constitutional Reform Act 2019 to Parliament. This act was passed by the Parliament, which provided immediate stability and relief to Jamie's premiership, with many political annalists deeming this a confirmation that despite doubts, Jamie still had authority.

Next Jamie sought to save the citizens of Essexia from the great threat of the "pi". He suggested a ban of sending "pi" at 0314 and 1514 on all platforms. However, one serious blow as a result of the ban was its dismissal and rejection by Prince James who voted against the ban, which Jamie saw as a blow to his strong political comeback. This lead to Jamie revoking the Princes' Lord-ship and his membership of the Parliament, replacing him with Lady Becky, as a serious message to those who undermined the Royalist Party.

Raging Valentines

When the Old Guard Party successfully passed a Vote of No Confidence against Earl Finn (Failing the first time to do so due to an error in formatting), Jamie became the First Minister due to his holding the Second Minister position, and quickly declared a General Election to take place in early March. This thwarted the Old Guard as Parliament was prorogued, but he lost his position on the 17th February 2020 when Emperor Terry made Earl Jack the First Minister.

2020 Essexian general election

Despite losing his position around two weeks prior, the Rhino Alliance were able to secure a majority in the election, mostly due to Lord Jamie's unrelenting campaigning in the Province of Colchester. He became First Minister again on the 3rd March 2020, and despite switch alliances on the 25th, Jamie was able to retain his position.

Snakey Saturday

On the 30th May 2020 a vote of no confidence was called against "the government" by Lord Sam, the Leader of the Opposition. The vote was cancelled (as it was about to fail) by Emperor Terry, however Lord Newton and Lord Zarel joining the Rhino Alliance. This allowed Lord Sam to form a government with himself as First Minister. This saw Earl Jamie lose his position as First Minister, however with a general election occurring in a month (1st July 2020) Jamie could return to power. This is seen as very likely as Jamie has been won both general elections in Essexia's history and is believed to still have the support of the citizens of Essexia.


Earl Jamie has passed very few acts in his time being a Lord however he has supported his fellow Lords by contributing to their acts. This includes attending the Danbury Conference where the current Constitution of the Commonwealth of Essexia was written.

Earl Jamie's Legislation
Bill Pass/Fail Date of Assent
Constitutional Reform Act Passed 27th May 2019
Second Minister Act Passed 29th May 2019
LGBTQ+ Equality Act Passed 31st May 2019
Ministerial Reform Act Passed 16th July 2019
Parliamentary Restoration Act Passed 22nd May 2020
Electoral Reform Amendment Act Passed 11th January 2021
Total: 6 Documents 6 Passed | 0 Failed


Earl Jamie's Roles
Name of Role Type of Role In Office Predecessor Successor Appointed By
Minister of Health Cabinet Minister 01/01/2019 - 29/05/2019 Position Created Crown Minister Gilbert Lord Matthew
Lord of Essexia Member of Parliament 21/05/2019 - Present Lord Moxham Currently Holds Position Lord Matthew
First Minister Government Leader 27/05/2019 - 21/07/2019 Earl Finn Martial Law Declared Emperor Terry
Leader of the Royalist Party Political Party Leader 27/05/2019 - Present Lord Matthew Currently Holds Position Lord Matthew
Minister of Media Cabinet Minister 29/07/2019 - 03/03/2020 Lord Adam Princess Becky Lord Jacob
Second Minister Cabinet Minister 05/01/2020 - 14/02/2020 Princess Becky Princess Becky Earl Finn
First Minister Government Leader 14/02/2020 - 17/02/2020 Earl Finn Earl Jack Second Minister Act 2019
First Minister Government Leader 03/03/2020 - 30/05/2020 Earl Jack Lord Sam Emperor Terry
Earl of Colchester Earl of Province 17/05/2020 - Present Position Created Currently Holds Position Emperor Terry
Acting Detective National Investigative Service Officer 17/05/2020 - 01/06/2020 Position Created None Emperor Terry
Department of Civil Justice (MoJ) Junior Minister 20/06/2020 - 09/07/2020 Junior Minister Harley None Crown Minister Harley
Minister of Justice Cabinet Minister 09/07/2020 - Present Crown Minister Harley Currently Holds Position Lord Sam