James H. Whittle

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James H. Whittle
Whittle in Strathan Guards Winter Attire
1st People's Commissar of The C.P.R.S
In office
14 July 2009 - 1 August 2013
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Office Disestablished
Chancellor of the New Westphalian Assembly
Assumed office
19 August 2013
President of the Republic The Rt. Hon. Sir Daniel Morris MPH OSP MOF
Predecessor Office Created
His Novaltic Majesty's Minister and Principle Secretary of State for Home Affairs
Assumed office
22 June 2013 - 31 December 2013
Regent Major the Most Noble Sir Laughton, Duke of Durging, Baron Chandler, K.L., P.C.
Predecessor The Right Honourable Sir Joel, Earl Alm, Baron Svear, K.St.A., M.N.V., L.M., R.C., P.C.
Successor Office Disestablished
Mission Commander and Chief Physics Officer, Intermicronational Space Agency
Assumed office
25 June 2013
First Baron Whittle
Assumed office
17 August 2013
Predecessor Office Established
Personal information
Born 14 April 1994 (1994-04-14) (age 28)
Rutherglen, Scotland
Birth name James Howard Whittle
Citizenship New Westphalian, United Kingdom
Nationality Scottish
Political party The CMP
Residence Langford City, Strathy, New Westphalia
Religion Atheist

James H Whittle, or The Rt. Hon. Rev. James Howard Whittle, Baron Whittle MNV MIN OSR LSR OWS TDR, (known also as Saint James of Glasgow or Saint James the Eejit) is the first and current Chancellor of the New Westphalian Assembly, previously People's Commissar of the C.P.R.S. He also held the position of Home Secretary in the Kingdom of Novaltia. He is a keen micronationalist but also a very keen Communist Theorist and Revolutionary thinker. He held the position of International Secretary of the Contemporary Marxist Party until its dissolution as a party in early 2014, he is the current secretary of its successor think-tank group, the Contemporary Left. He is also the leader of the Labour Party of New Westphalia.

Early life and education

Whittle was born into a lower-middle-class family in 1994, in the Rutherglen maternity hospital, shortly before the hospital closed in 1995. He grew up with four siblings and his parents in a two-bedroom apartment in a high-rise block. At the age of six, Whittle's family moved into their first house, moving again at age twelve to the house now known as Commissariat House.

He attended school first at Carnwardic Primary School, followed by Darnley Primary School. He then attended Kelvinside Academy from primary seven level until his fifth year in senior school. He now studies Astrophysics at the University of Glasgow.

Move to micronationalism

The Middle Class Marxist

At age fifteen, in mid-2008, Whittle began to read into various communist and socialist theories, even writing his own manifesto at age sixteen. In a private school and as a member of an established middle-class family, these beliefs were not encouraged by many of his peers or family members and was occasionally mocked by his schoolmates for his communist beliefs.

However, in 2011, he found some company in a small group of Scottish Marxists, who would go on to found the Contemporary Marxist Party. From there his left-wing beliefs were able to flourish, resulting in much of the left-wing policies of Strathy today.

From NationStates to Sovereignty

Until late 2009, Strathy had been run as the Holy Empire of Strathy via the NationStates simulator, however was moved to a more Socialist government as time went on. However, it remained a mere simulation until May 16, 2011. Discontent with the situation in the U.K., with a failing economy and an unelected in power, Whittle sought to make a political statement, and perhaps even break away. Having read of nations such as Sealand and Molossia, Whittle embarked upon the road to micronationalism, declaring Strathan Independence on the 16 of May 2011.

Chancellor of the New Westphalian Assembly

James Whittle is currently serving as the Chancellor of the New Westphalian Assembly, the Head of Government in the Republic of New Westphalia and has been working closely with the President of New Westphalia, His Excellency, the Rt. Hon. Sir Daniel Morris in the provisional government to build the new nation up to a micronational power.


Whittle has a BSc. (Hons.) in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Glasgow, and is currently using the knowledge gained from his degree course to further his work into micronational space exploration. Having founded the Inter-Micronational Space Agency, with friend S. Linden, he hopes to help launch the first micronational probe into space.


Whittle describes himself as an Atheist, believing in no divine creators or afterlife, however feels that the awesome beauty of the Universe, and the scientific understanding of the Universe and all it holds, to be the best path to any form of enlightenment. That said his an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, a title which he uses to preach his atheistic views of the universe to others.


On July 2, 2013, Whittle was canonised as a saint of the ULC by The Rev. Dr S. Linden of Cologne as Saint James of Glasgow. Whittle swore on that day that he would get his revenge for the act.

Titles, Awards and Ranks

James Whittle currently holds the following titles, awards and ranks:

  • Chancellor of the Assembly - Republic of New Westphalia - Head of Government
  • The Right Honourable (The Rt. Hon.) - New Westphalia - Member of the New Westphalian Government
  • Reverend (The Rev.) - Universal Life Church - Ordained Minister
  • Chief Commander - The Inter-Micronational Space Agency - Mission Commander
  • Bysalian Ambassador to New Westphalia - United Kingdom of Bysalia - Ambassador to the Republic of New Westphalia
  • Order of the Strathan Republics (O.S.R.) - The C.P.R. of Strathy - Award for services to the State
  • Leader of the Strathan Republics (L.S.R.) - The C.P.R. of Strathy - Presented to all holders of the Office of People's Commissar
  • Trystansburg Diplomatic Ribbon (T.D.R.) - The Most Serene Republic of Trystansburg - Award for Diplomatic Services to Trystansburg
  • Order of the White Star (O.W.S.) - The Most Serene Republic of Trystansburg - Award for Diplomatic Services to Trystansburg
  • Member of Inesian Nobility (M.I.N.) - The Principality of Inesia - Granted for Diplomatic Services to Inesia
  • Member of The Most Excellent and Honourable Order of the Society of Novaltia (M.N.V.) - Kingdom of Novaltia - Awarded for Services to the Novaltic Government
  • Baron Whittle - Kingdom of Novaltia - Peerage - Styled as "Lord Whittle" in Novaltia