Jamelot Industries

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Jamelot Industries
Jamelot indutries.JPEG

Building the way forward
Dimension 1A,2A, 3A, 4A, 5B, 7C, 8F
Capital cityTree Forest
Largest cityJamelot Industries HQ
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)none
Short nameIndustrians
- KingMad King Jamelot (Jamie Treepwood?)
Marter Jones [deceased]
Baraldus Dead-Beater [deceased]
Mantissa Virgo [deceased]
Natalie Redstar [deceased]
Area claimedAndromenda, Milky way galaxy
Population12546789000545+(old) number is rough due to population being in other dimensions
Time zoneGMT
National sportArena Fighting
National dishTuna and Noodles
National drinkMead
National animallightning Wolf
Patron saintKing Jamelot

Basic description

An empire founded by a knight known as Sir Jamelot, The purposes of the Empire is to build the way forward and protect existence. It is an human empire. It is heavily technologically advanced. Has a large military force and keeps the peace between smaller nations. It also has the new ideology Tritationism.

Way of life

The Jamelot Industrian way of life is you have a normal child's life but then you are conscripted into the military an kept their for 300 years.(the average life span of a Jamelot Industrian is 1300 years). after they have served the military they may live life as they wish, they are given free housing, food and drinks. Everything for a Jamelot Industrian is free within reason. Jamelot Industrians also have one of the highest community spirits in the universe as one will always sacrifice themselves for their neighbour. But they are known more for their numbers and military might.

The divisions

Jamelot Industries is sorted into 473(In recent times there have been duplicate divisions formed due to the sheer size of Jamelot Industries. Counting repeat divisions thew new number is 2,793) different divisions each serving a different purpose. They can vary from the way they fight to their technological levels and skills in certain areas i.e. fighting, science, building. The divisions each have a leader which is elected by all the members in that division. Each division has importance in their own respect, so none of the divisions are shunned by the others, however there is always a healthy sense of competition through either proving oneself on the battlefield or earning first place in the annual divisional games.

The founding of the empire

Before Jamelot Industries there was only Sir Jamelot the lone knight wandering the universe. His only purpose and duty was to his Queen(His first love interdest. She was a ruler of a much older kingdom.). They went everywhere together saving planets, causing wars, exploring new planets and generally having fun lives. However the Queen had old enemies such as the old ruler of the kingdom she was once part of, she was kidnapped by a mercenary brainwashed by the old king. She was taken to a star system that was heavily fortified where the mercenary would execute her after completing an ancient ritual. Sir Jamelot was defeated by the mercenary but kept alive due to the mercenary only obsessing over killing the Queen. Sir Jamelot was left to plan and scheme on a way to rescue the Queen before the ritual was complete. Years before Sir Jamelot had a ship that he used to explore the universe, the ship however crashed into a planet due to being shot down. After the events on the nameless planet concluded Sir Jamelot initiated the Tree Forest protocol on the ship and the ship's AI began the process of making a new species of human and a new civilisation in the system(This is how the capital planet of Tree forest and the star system Tree Forest was named). After years and years being left on its own the AI had made substantial progress but was not yet complete. Returning to the time where the Queen was kidnapped, Sir Jamelot made a return trip to the planet and took over the protocol stopping it before it had finished. The AI had done great work, there was a civilisation of humans, a whole civilisation that answered to the call of the newly crowned King Jamelot. The star system was not yet fully developed but they were at a stage that they could take on some of the most powerful minor space fairing civilisations. Sir Jamelot gathered a large military force and began his assault on the mercenary's star system. The military operation was a momentous success, there were few losses and the Queen was retrieved mostly unharmed. The mercenary was executed by King Jamelot due to his mind being too far gone. After returning to the home system King Jamelot oversaw the continuation of early development of the empire, which resulted in completed construction of the home planets and fortifications of the Tree Forest System. After this the empire only sought to expand further until the first wars.