Jürgen of Bruggia

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H.E. Jürgen of Bruggia
Minister of Defense
Assumed office
Marquis of Bruggia
Assumed office
Duke of Saeftinghe
Assumed office
Senator for the NPF
Citizenship Flandrensisian
Nationality Belgian
Religion Roman Catholic

Jürgen of Bruggia lives in the northern region of Belgium and speaks Flemish/Dutch. For almost three years he was the Minister of Defense of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. Since March 2011 he's active in the House of Representatives in the States-General of Flandrensis.

Full title

H.E. Marquis Jürgen of Bruggia, Duke of Saeftinghe, Knight Grand Commander in the Order of Flandrensis, Minister of Defence of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis.


Jürgen was one of the first to help Grand Duke Niels of Flandrensis to build Flandrensis, he was first an independent Senator and early 2009 Jürgen joined the nationalistic NPF of Hein of Giddis in the Senate. In July 2009 there was a heavy dispute between Jürgen and Count Donovan of the FP as a result of an intervieuw in the Flandrensis Times (see: Flandrensis Times 6 July 2009). Only after an intervention by the Grand Duke and Hein of Giddis in the senate the two politicians end their discussion and they restored the stability in the Senate. The whole conflict was a misunderstanding, Count Donovan admitted that his political views were unclear and therefore were wrongly interpreted by Jürgen and other politicians. Since the beginning of Flandrensis Jürgen was the Minister of Defence and also General-major in the Flandrensisian army. Since 31 August 2009 Jürgen was appointed as Governor of the 'Colony of Saeftinghe', later reformed in the Duchy of Saeftinghe. After the political reforms in March 2011 Jürgen withdraw from his function as Minister and politician but is still active in the House of Representatives .



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