Ján Kováč

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Ján Kováč
Personal information
Birth name Ján Andrej Kováč
Citizenship Universan
Political party Everyone's Party

Ján Kováč (Universan: ján kovác) is the co-founder and deputy leader of Everyone's Party and convicted criminal.


Kováč was always in some form an extremist. He sought refuge in one of Luca Demirag's earlier micronations, the Republic of Existence, and while there, he became politically active in far-left plushie movements. When the Republic of Universa was founded, no one thought it would survive, but Kováč joined Everyone's Party anyway. While there, he was implicated in the Censorship Scandal, which led to civil unrest throughout Universa. Kováč was charged with attempting to breach the constitution and attempted assassination of Luca Demirag and sentenced to 6 months in prison and a ban from holding office for 3 elections.