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Capital cityUnknown
- PresidentJackson T.
EstablishedSometime in 2017
DisestablishedJuly 2018 at latest

Jack Land or J'and (pronounced like 'yahnd') was a short-lived primitive micronation founded sometime between 2016 and 2018, very likely in 2017. Its founder was Jackson T., with his official title being president. Its land claim was on a very small island off the coast of Antarctica, directly east of Dustin (at about 72°34'16.1"S 94°21'48.2"W).

Very little is known of J'and today. All government documents and other records of its existence were on papers that are now gone, making memory the only source on J'ands history. The national flag, if it even existed, is lost to time. The country had no organized government or military.

J'and ceased all operations by July of 2018 at the latest, eventually being succeeded by the Kingdom of Crackistan on March 23rd of 2020.