Parliament of Iustus

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Parliament of Iustus
Parliament of Iustus
3rd Parliament
Iustus CoA.png
Term limits
FoundedDecember 16, 2018 (2018-12-16)
Prime Minister
Lord AndrewFE
since 27 February 2021
House Speaker
Austin Jaax, N/A
since 17 December 2018
Leader of the Opposition
Lord MerrickDP
since 27 February 2021
Seats10 MP's
Political groups
HM Government (3):

HM Opposition (7):

Party list
Last election
26 February 2021
Next election
Meeting place
De facto: Discord (Parliament of Iustus)

The Parliament of Iustus, is the name of the main Governing body in Iustus, it's two branch's are the House of Representatives, and the Cabinet.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet of Iustus is a government organ that is made up by Government Secretaries who most are appointed by the Prime Minister to help administrate the Government. The Cabinet is made up of seven Government Ministers, the Chancellor, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Immigration and Tourism, Minister of Commerce, and Minister of Justice.

The House of Representatives

The Iustian House of Representatives is the lower branch of the Iustian Parliament which is made up of the Representatives of Provinces or Regions, of Iustus. A representative in The House of Representatives can submit bill's to be voted on by the Representatives, if the bill is voted on by a majority it is passed, and is sent to the Monarch for consent, if the Monarch approves the bill it becomes law. The House of Representatives is led by The Speaker of the House of Representatives who organizes the House, and can call meetings at any time. Representatives in the House of Representatives can serve as many terms to as many times as they get elected, Representatives who are found to be corrupt or unconstitutional can be fired by the Prime Minister and the Monarch may appoint a temporary Representatives that will serve until the next election.


A Committee is a group of people chosen and approved by the Prime Minister of Iustus, that work together to plan out, and organize certain subjects and events, a Committee can last until it is dissolved by the Prime Minister.

Current compositions

Elected members

Elected REP Party District
Merrick Babado DP Iustus Proper
Lord Patrick DP Iustus Proper
Sir Jayden Lycon DP Ortyad
Newton von Uberquie DP Ortyad
Prince Dakota DP Iustus Proper
Lord Andrew FE Ortyad
Rachel Burklandssen FE Ortyad
Sammy Delesie FE Iustus Proper
Lord Nicolas IN Grenadine - Uchtac
Leon Montan IEP Tupos