Isles of Colibar

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Kingdom of the United Isles of Colibar
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National Anthem:
Colibar, we love thee
Aqua et Pertinacia
Status Tacitly recognized state
Officially recognized by the United Nations as
de jure part of the United Kingdom.

Capital Colibar (District of)

Official language English

Religion Secularism

Demonym Colibarian(s)

Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch Daniel I

Organizations N/A

- Established 18 March 2019
- Ratification of the Constitution 21 March 2019

Area 0.113km2

Population 673

Currency Colibarian Pound


Time zone GMT

Drives on the Left

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Formats Metric system

Official Government Contact

Official Government Website

The Kingdom of the United Isles of Colibar is a micronation based within the borders of Britain. The Kingdom of the United Isles of Colibar consists of three islands located in Baffins Pond, Portsmouth.

Records of Baffins Farm (including the pond) date back to 1194. Since then it has changed hands several times. In the 19th century it was used by local farmers, and in 1912 it became a public park. In 1938 it was saved from demolition, and sold to the City of Portsmouth. King Daniel I established the Kingdom of the United Isles of Colibar's putative claim to the pond islands on March 18, 2019, after noticing that they were not specifically mentioned in the 1938 land sale contract. King Daniel I subsequently sent a letter announcing his claim to Portsmouth council, and released a series of banknotes, identity cards and constructed a constitution.

A constitution is a system, which establishes the rules and principles by which an organisation is governed. In the case of nations, this term refers specifically to a national constitution, which defines the nation's political principles and establishes the power and duties of each government. Most national constitutions also guarantee certain rights to the people. This is commonly called the Bill of rights. A Bill of Rights is a statement of certain rights that citizens and/or residents of a free society have (or ought to have). In some jurisdictions, the Bill of Rights is entrenched in the constitution of that nation-state. When embedded in the constitution, it can prescribe the limits of power the government has to intervene in the lives of its citizens.




  • Isles of Colibar


  • Kingdom of the United Isles of Colibar

Unofficial names

  • Isles of Colibar
  • United Colibar
  • Colibar


1738 - 1912 (approx) - Baffins Pond, changes hands a few times, originally belonging to Milton Manor, and in the late 19th century used by various local farmers.

1912 - 1938 - Baffins pond becomes a local park for Portsmouth residents; and in 1938 is saved through petition, and sold to the corporation for £5,000. This stopped the demolition of the isles and pond.

1938 - 1970's - The old farm buildings of yesteryear are demolished to make way for new housing. The pond remains, and is modernised to comply with health and safety regulations.

1970's - Aug 16th 2005 - Baffins pond undergoes many alterations, including a fountain and improved walkways. A pond association is also set-up to maintain the levels of wildlife and upkeep of the surroundings. The council last de-silted the pond in 1996; which is when fishermen were last seen at the pond.


The Kingdom of the United Isles of Colibar consists of three islands located in Baffins Pond, Portsmouth. Although it does also have a province in Southampton.

Landscape of the Isles of Colibar


Citizens living outside of national land are designated as "citizens abroad". They are afforded all rights guaranteed by the Kingdom.

Government and Politics

The Isles of Colibar is a Constitutional Monarchy.

Administrative divisions

The country is administered into three types of divisions:

  • Royal approval: All Acts must be sent to the Monarch for approval. In times of emergency the Monarch can rule by royal decree.
  • Privy Council: Selected by the Monarch to advise on all matters.
  • Parliament: Elected by the people.

Royal Decrees

Royal decrees are official orders or proclamations made by the Monarch of the United Isles of Colibar.

March 2019

  • 18/03/19 Establishment - The establishment of the Kingdom of the United Isles of Colibar.
  • 20/03/19 Constitution - Ratification of the Constitution of the Kingdom of the United Isles of Colibar.


The economic system of Colibar is a market liberal economy.

National holidays


Date Name Notes
1 January New Years Day The start of a new year.
7 February Monarch's Day The birthday of HM Daniel I
14 February Valentine's Day Celebration of Saint Valentine
18 March Colibarian Independence Day Celebration of the Independence of Colibar.
20 March Colibarian Constitution Day Celebration of the ratification of the Constitution.
25 December Christmas Day Gift-giving, family/social gatherings, and feasting.
26 December Boxing Day Gift-giving, family/social gatherings, and feasting.
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Linden's Revised System of Classification 3.6 (2019)
Matthew's Democracy System of classification 4.3 (2019)
Dresner's System of Classification 2.6 (2019)