Isle of Naudia'Diva

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Back in the Ly'Technomaezj Era, the Isle of Naudia’Diva was terraformed by Sagittarius, a great hunter and geomancer.

It was divided into several different kinds of terrain, each separated by mountains.

The southern part of the island became the Auleauk Desert, a stark wasteland populated with hearty animals and plants.

To the east lies the Hordius Ten Jungle, a veritable rain forest full of big game and exotic wildlife.

To the west, the Nervena Plains, an expansive prairie, was created. And finally, to the north are the Sagittandi Mountains. It is here that Sagittarius spent most of his life, for within the Sagittandi Mountains lie flora and fauna never before seen. Centaurs, satyrs, dragons, chimerae, unicorns, even wyverns.

But the greatest population within the Sagittandi Mountains are the pegasi. They are so numerous that different breeds have come into existence, and they have begun spreading over the island. Indeed, pegasi now reside in the Nervena Plains and the Auelauk Desert. The Hordius Ten Jungle is difficult for them to survive in, and is safe from the pegasi for now.

Not that the pegasi are violent. In fact, they are very peaceful.

One breed, however, is not peaceful. These pegasi developed antlers, in much the same way as deer. In addition, they became incredibly territorial. They were referred to as Stags by Sagittarius, and are almost always slain on sight, even to this day. (They taste good too. Especially with a light honey glaze. ed.)

However, they are as prolific as they are territorial, and threatened to take over the entire island of Naudia’Diva. And so the Hunters of the Stag were born, a small group of survivalists who were dedicated to protecting the fragile and delicate environmental balance of the island.

The followers of Horjin took interest in the Hunters of the Stag, and worked together very extensively to protect Naudia’Diva and all of it's inhabitants.

Eventually, the Hunters of the Stag and the followers of Horjin became synonymous. The recorded history of the Hunters of the Stag and the followers of Horjin begins with the ceremony and celebration that joined the two groups. The Hunters of the Stag took down epic proportions of Stag before the celebration, and the feast was incredible.

Things remained much the same for many years, up until the short reign of Kaiser Lacrymosa II. The dedication of the Isle of Naudia’Diva as a National Game Preserve, Wildlife Refuge, and Sacred Hunting Ground was a triumph for the years of dedication of the Hunters of the Stag, and the building of a Temple of Horjin at the island's center only strengthened the determination and resolve of the Hunters. Now most of the Hunters of the Stag reside within the Temple, ranging out from there to perform their sacred rituals.

The Questing Stone was placed in the center of the island of Naudia’Diva by Sagittarius himself. Inscribed into it are the Nine Traditions of Sagittarius. It also defines the Sacred Hunt, the Quarry, and outlines the rites and rituals of the sect.


The Auleauk Desert

The Hordius Ten Jungle

The Nervena Plains

The Sagittandi Mountains