Island Liberation Navy

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Island Liberation Navy
ILN Emblem Transparent.png
Emblem of the Island Liberation Navy
Active 2019 - 2020
Country Flag of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic.svg Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic
Allegiance Communist Party of the VISSR
Type Navy
Size 2 Non-Commissioned Vessels
Headquarters Dustingrad
Nickname Red Fleet
Colors Blue, Red
Anniversaries 5 August
Funding 3% (2019)
Supreme Commander Comrade Dustinov
Admiral of the Fleet Comrade Dustinov
Naval ensign ILA Navy.png
Jack ILA Naval Jack.png

The Island Liberation Navy, or ILN, was the naval warfare force of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic. Nicknamed the Red Fleet, the navy was one half of the VISSR armed forces alongside the Island Liberation Army, and the largest in terms of equipment and cost. The ILN committed a high priority to the investment into, and maintenance of, 2 fresh water vessels. The navy had an active duty crew of 7. This is due to the fact that all 7 citizens of the VISSR were peace time sailors when not in a state of emergency. Since the VISSR was an island micronation, this was a day to day activity for its people.