Island Liberation Army

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Island Liberation Army
ILA Emblem Transparent.png
Emblem of the Island Liberation Army
Active 2019 - 2021
Country Flag of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic.svg Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic
Allegiance Communist Party of the VISSR
Type Army
Size 7 citizen soldiers
Headquarters Dustingrad
Nickname Red Army
Colors Red, Gold
Anniversaries 5 August
Funding 2% (2019)
Supreme Commander Comrade Dustinov
Marshal of the Republic Comrade Dustinov
Battle Flag ILA Ground Force.png

The Island Liberation Army, or ILA, was the main land warfare force of the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic. Founded by Comrade Dustinov, General Secretary of the VISSR, on August 5th 2019. The ILA was half of the armed wing of the ruling Communist Party of the VISSR, along with the Island Liberation Navy.

Mission Statement

Comrade Dustinov defined the missions of the ILA as:

  • To consolidate the ruling status of the Communist Party
  • To ensure the VISSR's territorial integrity
  • To protect the citizens of the VISSR, and guarantee their safety
  • To provide emergency response and natural disaster relief
  • To help maintain micronational peace



On August 5th 2019, after several days of rising tensions with the Kingdom of Frelands, the VISSR received a declaration of war from the Frelands Monarchy. Following an attempted cyber-attack which Frelands assumed responsibility for, a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the VISSR was hastily convened to discuss a course of action. The Island Liberation Army was founded in order to protect the nation and its people. The ILA was under the exclusive control of the Communist Party of the VISSR, with Comrade Dustinov serving as it's Supreme Commander.

August War

The following conflict was to become known as the August War, a series of mutual condemnations between the VISSR and Kingdom of Frelands, as well as threats of economic sanctions by both parties. Despite these threats, no actual conflict ever took place. Due to the fact that no armistice or peace treaty was ever signed, the two nations remained in a technical state of war indefinitely.

Subsequent Development

In the following months, the ILA grew to be an important cornerstone of VISSR society. It played a primary role in gathering and distributing PPE and other essential supplies during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, as well as carrying out several important operations such as removing fallen trees and clearing overgrown brush in the VISSR.


Organization and Leadership

The ILA was commanded overall by Comrade Dustinov who held the military rank of Marshal of the Republic. Dustinov also served as Admiral of the Fleet for the Navy.