Islamic Unity International

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International Islamic Unity Party
الوحدة الإسلامية
Leader Abdur-Rahman
Chairperson Hazma Ali
Founded January 2015
Headquarters Virtual
Youth wing Islamic Youth
Ideology Sharia
National affiliation Republic of Hortania • Republic of Sinoland  • al-Khilafah
Official colours White, Blue, Yellow
Country ShahadaFlag.png al-Khilafah

The International Islamic Unity Party is an intermicronational Islamic organisation. It has branches in the Republic of Hortania, the Republic of Sinoland, and al-Khilafah.


Hortanian Crisis

The IIUP was most active in the Republic of Hortania, where in late February of 2015, Alexei, leader of the New Democratic Party brought the IUP to court, claiming they where guilty of hate crime for following the Qur'anic idea that homosexuality is a sin. The court agreed with Alexei, forcing the IUP to stop all talking about the matter of homosexuality. The IUP was especially offended when Alexei tried to force the party to condemn those parts of the Qur'an. As a result of this, the Islamic Unity Party of Hortania withdrew from the Government, announcing they would abstain in all elections.

After many calls for a re-trial, the Hortanian government organised a re trial on the 23rd of February. With a larger jury, and a defense attorney, the Islamic Unity Party was found not guilty.


The International Islamic Unity Party follows Sharia, with the Qur'an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad being its basis for ideology. Officially the IIUP is Non-denominational, but they lean heavily to the Sunni traditions, with most of its members following Sunni ideals.