Islamic Party of Bascal

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Islamic Party of Bascal
(Parti Islam Bascal)
Leader None (Mohd Sukeri is an unofficial leader)
Founded somewhere in 2008
Dissolved January 2012
Headquarters Singapore Street A.D
Ideology Islamic Democracy, Sharia Law
National affiliation Islamic Ideology
Official colors Green and White

Islamic Party of Bascal (Malay: Parti Islam Bascal, Gutaish: Partiye Izleimi Bazcalei) or I.B.P for short is one of the three main political parties of Bascal. Before B.D.P and B.R.P was establish, I.B.P is the only dominant party. Until 2010, it was replaced by B.D.P which is a liberal secular party at that time. I.B.P made Islam as state's official religion, but it was abolished in 2010 and eventually became a secularist state from 2010-2011. The current leader is Mohd Sukeri, who has been the first re-elected president in Bascal's history. I.B.P officialy dissolved on January 2012.