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His Excellency
Isaiah Burdette
Symbol used to represent Burdette
2nd Riksministerpresident of Nordika
Assumed office:
20 August 2020
Sovereign Prince Christopher Miller
Predecessor Brandon Mierzwa
Member of the Sejm of Matachewan
Assumed office:
1 August 2020
King Brandon Mierzwa
Prime Minister Ashton C.
Successor N/A
Member of Parliament of Humberlea
Assumed office:
1 January 2020
King Nicholas Lokin
Prime Minister Johann Kümmel
2nd President of Florania
In office:
13 September 2020 - 28 September 2020
Prime Minister Janos Mikhailou
President of the Senate Jamie da Cunha
Predecessor Aydan Dillon
Successor Aydan Dillon
King of the Kingdom of Burdette
Assumed office:
3 December 2020
Predecessor Office established
Successor N/A
Personal information
Father Jackson Burdette
Mother Amy Burdette
Born August 31, 2006 (2006-08-31) (age 14)
Political party Republican Party (United States)
Conservative League of Matachewan (Matachewan)
Religion Evangelical Christian

Isaiah Burdette (born 31 August 2006) is a micronationalist who served as the 2nd President of Florania following the 2020 Floranian presidential election[1] between 13 and 28 September 2020. He currently serves as Riksministerpresident of Nordika[2], following an election on 30 August where he was the only candidate.[3] He is also a former Minister of Economic Development in Matachewan as well as a 3 time Sejm member who leads the conservative league of Matachewan.


Isaiah's micronational career began with the now-defunct Commonwealth of America. After winning an election for the General Assembly, John was charged with election fraud and abuse of power, and ended up pleading guilty on the charge of election fraud, resulting in his citizenship being suspended and him being removed from the General Assembly.[4] After this event occurred he joined the Republic of Leo. This was also the time before Tau gave away Leo's first server was deleted. Immediately after he joined the Bourbon Party of Leo. The same week he ran for Grand Unified Minister but lost. Not long after this election, Leo's server on discord was deleted by Gabriel. A new republic of Leo server was made immediately. Isaiah Burdette temporarily participated before leaving then coming back months later right before Leo dissolved. This marked the second step Isaiah Burdette took into Micronationalism.


Isaiah Burdette has had a career in many different nations in the micronational community and is still active in most of them today.


Isaiah Burdette's career in Nordika began when he applied to be the Riksminister of Foreign Affairs, where he wrote 8 treaties of mutual recognition with numerous nations and expanded Nordika's foreign affairs. After his time as Riksminister of Foreign Affairs, he won an election for Riksministerpresident[2] unopposed[3], where he began his plan to join the Cupertino Alliance and made 3 government orders.


Isaiah Burdette's signature over time.

Isaiah Burdette's Humberlea career began when he wo and served 5 terms in Humberlean parliament. He also joined the Ministry of Law but eventually stepped down and joined the ministry of foreign affairs where he helped draft a treaty of mutual recognition. He eventually ended up creating his own party the conservative league of Humberlea which was based of the conservative league of Matachewan the party gained 2 seats in Humberlean parliament.


Burdette's career in Yu-Xia began when he became a citizen when the nation was still in its provisional period. That same month he joined the Global Council[5] and served out his term then won re-election. He then took a small break then eventually returned and got his seatback. He later started a colony for Yu-Xia. Since he was the founder of a colony, he was considered a local and joined the local council. He then began getting into many debates, then decided to start a news channel called the Yu-Xia Gazette.[6] Not a long after he started his colony in Yu-Xia he ended up dissolving it so he could start his own nation, the Kingdom of Burdette.

Cupertino Alliance

John first began as a delegate for Florania in the Cupertino Alliance. He only ever attended one meeting as a Floranian Delegate because he completely left Florania. A few weeks later he returned as a Humberlea delegate.[7] He later ran for the position of Minister of Membership Attainment and made it past the first round but lost in the second round to Leon Montan after this defeat he stayed active as a delegate and attended most sessions. His next big step is when he made his bid for Chair of the Cupertino Alliance and trailed Daniel Roscoe in polls but ended up dropping out of the race.


John first began in Florania when it still had a provisional government. He was given a seat on General Assembly. He only attended one session before he left. Months later he re-joined Florania. He then joined the canton Caesarea and the constitution party. Then elections for president came around. He announced his candidacy and began campaigning. He ended up getting the majority of the popular vote but still ended up losing. Because Florania has an electoral point system. Then there was popularity for a recount but this time using popular vote. Where he won with 9 votes which was larger then Adission Dillon's 4 and Jamie da Cunha's 4.[1] Not long after he was elected President their was a lot of popularity for his resignation for unknown reasons. He was eventually recalled but did not re-run for president.[8]


Matachewan rank system

Matachewan was one of the first micronations and the largest Burdette ever joined. It began when after a long mission with Christopher Miller, he was appointed to Sejm by Brandon Mierzwa, where he was later kicked out following threats from multiple government members to go on strike[9]. After that, he mostly talked with the community until he created the Conservative League of Matachewan that joined a coalition to remove then-Premier Robert Smith. His party ended up gaining a seat in Sejm the next election and the coalition had also beaten Robert and put Christopher Miller as Premier, where Burdette was given a role as Minister of Economic Affairs in Christopher Miller's cabinet.[10]He soon resigned from Minister of Economic Affairs[11] so a local of Matachewan could take over. He and his party participated in re-election for Sejm. Where they gained 4/12 seats a all time high for the party and he was given one of those seats.[12] He also participated in Premier elections but only gained 9.5% of the vote.[13] Around this time his party also left the coalition the party began in.[14] [15] He then helped his party maintain there high seat count in the following elections where they only lost 1 seats but it was predicted that they would lose 3 seats.

Matachewan Military Career

Burdette's military career began when he enlisted in the Matachewanian Armed Forces as a Szeregowy[citation needed]. After a few weeks, he took a quiz that would rank him up. He eventually left the Matachewanian Armed Forces. Later, he returned and was added to a secret spy program named M.C.B. Less than a week later, Brandon decided to dissolve the Matachewan Army for globals.[10] Due to Brandon dissolving the army for globals each recruits was given 2 ranks and honorably discharged. Therefore Isaiah Burdette retired as a Zastepowy.[citation needed]


The sun always rises and sets, there's nothing you can do to change that.

— Isaiah Burdette, 2 September 2020

There are very few arguments in which one side is right or wrong. Both sides usually represent a partial truth. If we could focus more on what encompasses parts of both truths instead of trying to be correct, the world would be a better place.

— Isaiah Burdette, 29 August 2020

There are many good politicians in the micronation community, yet calling someone a good politician isn't a compliment.

— Isaiah Burdette, 4 September 2020

Why do I always start quotes with "the" or "there"?

— Isaiah Burdette, 5 September 2020

The rise and fall of a empire is like the sunset it always comes.

— Isaiah Burdette, 22 September 2020

Inside incompetence you will find competence inside of competence you will find incompetence.

— Isaiah Burdette, 29 September 2020

Some count days I count weeks, some count week I count months, some count months I count years.

— Isaiah Burdette, 7 October 2020

Revolutions are only illegal if they fail.

— Isaiah Burdette, 23 October 2020

Political positions

Isaiah Burdette's political compass.

Isaiah Burdette is a well-known conservative in the micronational community, and has started many conservative parties, including the Conservative League of Matachewan and the Nationalist Party of Yu-Xia. He is often in debates with others over capitalism and other conservative beliefs. It is unusual for his political ideology to be right-wing due to being part of Gen-Z, which is overwhelmingly left-wing.[citation needed] When he was younger, he did use to consider himself left-wing, but since getting deeper into politics he has turned more right-wing[16].

Membership in Political Parties
Party Ideology Members Chairman Nation
Conservative League of Matachewan Conservative 5 Isaiah Burdette Matachewan
Nordika Growth Party N/A 2 Isaiah Burdette Nordika
Nationalist Party Conservative 1 Isaiah Burdette Yu-Xia
Conservative Military Party Conservative 3 Isaiah Burdette Roskya
Constitution Party Centrist 8 Isaiah Burdette Florania
Nationalist Humberlean Front Conservative 4 Jahonnes Tyurukstein Humberlea
Nationalist League of Eiru Conservative 1 Isaiah Burdette Eiru

Parents Political Position

Isaiah Burdette's parents are a lot more liberal than him. His mother said when she was younger she was conservative but the older she gets the more left-wing she gets. She is not a socialist, she has said to supports the Democratic Party. His father has said to not vote for most of his time as a young adult but as getting older he has begun voting. He has said to have voted for Elizabeth Warren and says he plans to vote for Ihan Omar, the Democrat nomination for Minneapolis in District 5 and other progressive Democrats. He has said to support global healthcare. His grandparents would consider themselves Conservative and support Donald Trump mostly for the reason Trump supports Israel.[16]

Isaiah Burdette's dog


Isaiah Burdette has two pets, a dog and a cat. His dog's name is Kenobi, a golden doodle, titled after the Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi. He got Kenobi when he was approximately 8 months old, from a family who was relocating to a house with a no pet lease. His cat is named Bella due to Bella meaning "beautiful" in Italian. He got Bella when he was approximately 9 years old. He has had her much longer than Kenobi. He got her from his mother's coworker who wanted to find a home for her. She is 14 but has already ran away multiple times. How she escaped is widely unknown. The first time she was gone for about a month, the second time about a month and a half. She has been found by the same people twice.[17]

Other hobbies

Isaiah Burdette has many other hobbies that don't involve micronationalism, most being sport related.

Mountain Biking

Isaiah Burdette learned how to ride a bike at the young age of three since his dad had worked in a bike shop, at the time worked for a bike company. Although he started biking at three, he never began mountain biking until the age of seven when his dad took him to a mountain biking trail. He only ever biked occasionally on the weekends until the age of 13 when he joined a mountain biking team. He met with the team and biked two times a week with a mountain biking race or extra practice every other week. Although in the races he was only average, he has said to enjoy mountain biking.


Isaiah Burdette started baseball at the age of eight when he went to a camp. The theme was one sport a week. Baseball was happened to be the theme that week. After that week, he decided he liked the sport enough to join a team. His team was called the Bulldogs. He stayed with that team for many years until he finally he could play on his high school junior varsity team because they accept middle schoolers.


Isaiah Burdette began wrestling at the age of nine when he needed a extra sport to do and had friends who also wrestle. He was fairly good at it despite losing a lot when he first started. His record of wins and losses varied by season but he usually ended up winning more then losing. He would go on to wrestle for 3 years, until at which point he gave it up in hope to try a new sport or pursue another hobby.


Isaiah Burdette began soccer at 6 in the soccer program he was in, he mostly just worked on skills until about 9 when he joined a actual team. His team was horrible and would lose games by more than 10 goals occasionally. They had very few wins at all and much of the team was young. The team had to take in young people because at the start of the year they could not get enough 9 and 10 year old's. So after that he completely quit until he was 12 and joined another team. This team was composed of many kids that had also been on John's baseball team. This time he and his team was quite good with John being the second best player. They actually got second in the championship with many of their games going far into overtime.

Video Games

Isaiah Burdette plays many video games such as Fortnite, Two seventy to win, Among us, etc. He has never been great at video games or super competitive but still thinks they are fun. He also plays video games in VR.


Titles, styles and honours

Noble titles

3 December 2020 - present
Coronet of Burdette.png King in Burdette
2 December 2020 - present
Coronet of a Prince (non-royal) of Monmark.png Noble Prince
18 November 2020 - present
Coronet of a Baron of Monmark.png Baron in Monmark


National honours

Foreign honours

Order of wear

Awards worn regularly by Isaiah Burdette are noted in the above tables and are worn in accordance with customary conventions applicable to the occasion, the location and to the form of dress worn. The current ribbons worn by Isaiah Burdette are as follows:

Order of the Crowned Lion-Badge.png

Order of King Isaiah 1 ribbon.png
Order of the Crown Lion-David-Ribbon.pngOCSRibbon.svgOrder of the Territorial Crown of Purvanchal - 1 (Grand Commander, GCTC).pngCommemorative Medal of the 20th Birthday of the First Prime Minister-Ribbon.png


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Isaiah Burdette
House of Burdette
Born: 31 August 2006
Royal titles
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Title Established
King of the Kingdom of Burdette
3 December 2020 - Present
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Noble titles
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Lord of Monmark
18 November 2020 - 2 December 2020
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Prince of Monmark
2 December 2020 - Present
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Brandon Mierzwa
2nd Riksministerpresident of Nordika
20 August - Present
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Addison Dillon
2nd President of Florania
13 September 2020 - 26 September 2020
Succeeded by
Addison Dillon
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Member of Matachewanian Sejm
1 August - Present
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Member of Georgienstine Congress
15 November 2020 - Present
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Honorary titles
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Order Established
Protector of the Order of King Isaiah Burdette I
3 December 2020 - present
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Grand Commander of the Order of the Territorial Crown of Purvanchal
20 November 2020 - Present
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Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the 20th Birthday of the First Prime Minister
18 November 2020 - Present
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Offices in the Cupertino Alliance
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Florania Delegate to the Cupertino Alliance
1 August 2020 - 5 August 2020
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Humberlean Delegate to the Cupertino Alliance
5 August 2020 - 31 December 2020
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Heyden Strachan
Atiera Delegate to the Cupertino Alliance
31 December 2020 - Present
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Australis delegate to the Grand Unified Micronational
1 January 2021 - Present
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Chairman of the Conservative League of Matachewan
15 July 2020 - Present
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