Irwin Cabinet (Roscamistan)

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Irwin Cabinet
2nd presidential ministry of  Roscamistan Flag of Roscamistan.svg
Portrait of James Irwin.png
Date formed 18 May 2021
Date dissolved 23 June 2021
People and organizations
Head of government James Irwin
Deputy head of government Kayden Conboy and Andrew Brotherton
Head of state James Irwin
No. of ministers 0
Ministers removed
Total no. of ministers 8
Member party Non-partisan, Freedom Party
Status in legislature Majority
Election(s) None (came to power by coup)
Legislature term(s) 3rd and Final Provisional Legislative Council
Budget(s) €189
Previous First Brotherton Cabinet
Successor Second Brotherton Cabinet

The Irwin Cabinet was the second cabinet of the Republic of Roscamistan, staying in power from the dissolution of the First Brotherton Cabinet on 18 May 2021 to its own dissolution on 23 June 2021. It also existed along side the James Irwin Provincial Cabinet of Mervustan. The cabinet was comprised of the President James Irwin as head of state and government, with Kayden Conboy and later Andrew Brotherton as co-deputy heads of state and government. It initially had the support of most of the cabinet ministers, later losing that support has it become evident that James was simply consolidating power for himself. On 23 June 2021, James transferred the office of President in a treaty directly to Andrew Brotherton, ending his presidency and bringing the Second Brotherton Cabinet, the third cabinet.


The Irwin Cabinet was founded upon the dissolution of the Brotherton Administration and subsequently his cabinet. After the 17thMayCoup, James Irwin came to power, and created his cabinet. Kayden Conboy became Vice President, replacing Culann Burke. Most of the ministers were kept in their positions, leaving the Cabinet relatively unchanged with exception of the two top roles.

Brotherton became the Minister of Internal Polish Affairs, a position mainly used to bridge relations between the Irish and the Polish minority, and former Vice President Burke was made a Minister without Portfolio. Using his new found power as the President, James Irwin quickly gained the support of most, excluding a few, most notably Tadhg O’Regan. Kayden Conboy also used his new found power to assist James Irwin create a functioning administration.

As the month of June went by and the students of President Irwin’s class prepared to have their primary school summer holidays for the last time, Andrew Brotherton plotted non-stop to overthrow Irwin. On 8 June 2021, Brotherton became a Co-Vice President, alongside Kayden Conboy after making President Irwin believe Conboy was trying to overthrow Irwin.

End of the Cabinet

The end became apparent when on 20 June 2021, Brotherton was sacked as a Co-Vice President, and finally created a last ditch effort to overthrow who he saw as the “Dictator”. Brotherton’s plan said that on the final day of school, 25 June 2021, that he and a few others would go to Mervustan, capture the President and make him resign. This plan ultimately never happened as on 23 June 2021, James Irwin resigned as both President of Roscamistan and Prime Minister of Mervustan, giving the first position to Brotherton and left the other one vacant. The Irwin Cabinet was later succeeded by the Second Brotherton Cabinet that day.


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
All important policy issues and all other portfolios not allocated to any minister.
 James Irwin18 May 202123 June 2021Independent
Vice President (Co-Vice Presidents from 8 June 2021 to 20 June 2021) Kayden Conboy18 May 202123 June 2021Independent
 Andrew Brotherton8 June 202120 June 2021Freedom Party
Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrew Brotherton18 February 2021August 2021Freedom Party
Minister of Defence David MooreApril 202123 June 2021Independent
Minister for Internet Affairs Aindriú NaughtonApril 202114 February 2022Independent
Chancellor of Galway City Kayden ConboyApril 202123 June 2021Independent
Chief Advisor (given Cabinet access) Fearghas MacLochlainnApril 2021presentIndependent
Minister of State for Defence (given Cabinet access) Dean MerrittApril 202123 June 2021Independent
Minister of Internal Polish Affairs Andrew Brotherton18 May 202123 June 2021Freedom Party