Iron Lord Daniel Dankovsky

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Iron Lord Daniel Dankovsky,
Duke of Dalmatia
Lord Dankovsky's arms as Baron of Jovanovo
Representative of Jovanovo
(Acting Representative prior to 7 September 2017)
Assumed office:
6 August 2017
Director-General of the State Intelligence Agency
Assumed office:
8 August 2017
Predecessor HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Dux of Organisation of Austenasian Nationalists
Assumed office:
2 September 2017
Personal information
Born 26 August 2000 (2000-08-26) (age 17)
Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.png FR Yugoslavia
Birth name Pavle Savovic
Nationality Flag of Austenasia.png Austenasian, Imperial Flag of Itania.png Montenegrin
Ethnicity Serb
Residence Daljam
Religion Orthodox Christianity
Ideology Pavlism
Military service
Allegiance Flag of USSDR.jpg USSDR
In service 2008-2016
Rank Legat of Army
Unit Special Bike Unit
Battles/wars Grbe crusade • Daljam-Sparta War • Winter Revolution • Spuz insurgency

Iron Lord Daniel Dankovsky, Duke of Dalmatia (Serbian: Павле Савовић), formerly known as Sir Pavle Savovic KOSA and Nikolaj Vadorom is an Austenasian and Montenegrin politician and philosopher. One of the two founding fathers of Daljam, he currently serves as Representative of Jovanovo and Director-General of the State Intelligence Agency.

Previously involved with Pavlov and Nedland, Dankovsky founded the Austenasian Town of Jovanovo on 6 August 2017. He was granted the unique title "Iron Lord" by his request, and appointed Acting Representative of the Town, elected Representative proper the following month. Although Lord Dankovsky does not live in Jovanovo itself, he lives near enough to be eligible for its Representative under Austenasian law (that is, within 25 miles).

Noble titles:

  • Duke of Dalmatia
  • Count of Risinium
  • Baron of Jovanovo